Life aboard a Cargo Ship

Since I had no choice but to leave Australia I figured I might as well do it in a memorable way. I have also discovered I have a severe dislike of flying. Or anything to do with an airport. (especially the official bits) There seemes to be many pro’s of travelling by ship.

Eat Pray Love… or something along those lines.

After staying in far North Queensland for way too long the best plan of attack was to get back to Brisbane before my ship sailed. But having cycled up the whole way I decided a different form of transport was to be taken back down. Part of the way anyway. This is where Adrian came…


I boomeranged around Australia for the last couple of months. For a cycling blog I’ve done  a shocking amount of cycling. None. That explains why it’s been a little quiet… Among the few things I have done are diving on the Great Barrier reef, Cray fishing in Dongara,

No Particular Reason

And when I got there, I figured, since I’ve gone this far, I might as well turn right around, just keep on going… -Forest Gump-  I only made it 200km down from the Tip of Cape York when Rick passed me and asked if I needed a lift. I didn’t need one. But I didn’t mind…

Winds of Zenadth

As soon as I got over the scare of nearly tipping over into the Torres Strait with Tommo and Paul I hopped back onto the ferry to Thursday Island. Or Waiben, as it is called in local language.  

The Tip

I have made it to mainland Australia’s Northern most point. 94 years after Francis Birtles did. A true legend, who cycled around Australia a few times before making it up the cape in 1918, quite a feat. Especially since the first vehicle didn’t make it for another 20 years after that.