I boomeranged around Australia for the last couple of months.

Boomerang me

For a cycling blog I’ve done  a shocking amount of cycling.


That explains why it’s been a little quiet…

Among the few things I have done are diving on the Great Barrier reef,

Cray fishing in Dongara,

Cray Fishing

strolling along the 1 mile jetty in Busselton,

Busselton Jetty

seeing two kangaroos (play) fight,

Playing at the Lake

walking up the ‘Pyramid’ in Gordonvale,

The Pyramid

from where you get a lovely view…

Lovely View

Sailing in a yacht race in Fremantle, and winning. Eventhough I had no clue what was going on and it all seemed awfully hectic to me.

Sleeping under the stars in the sand dunes,

Sand Dunes

Checking out some sea-life at AQWA, the aquarium of Western Australia,

The most enjoyable way so far…. At least I stayed dry. 

And witnessing a ‘green flash’ in Seisia.

For some one who doesn’t like water a lot, hates waves, usually avoids the coast and screamed the first time she encountered a fish while snorkling, I spent a huge amount of time in, on, and around it.

I’ve gone a bit like this;


And none of this by bike… Although, I have in the past covered the same ground on my pushy, so it’s not really cheating…


I wanted to get back to Western Australia to catch up with some of the friends I’ve made over the past 4 (!!!) years. I will be leaving in the near future and I don’t know if I’ll ever be back.

There’s a whole big wide world out there after all.

Here some of the people I did catch up with. And some of the people I didn’t….

(but would’ve liked too)

 Thanks to all of you who made a difference to my stay in WA.

I arrived in Perth where the light and the air seemed so clear and bright and crisp compared to Cape York, where it started to get humid and pretty warm.

The wet season was on its way and I thought that might actually be a rather interesting experience.

So I boomeranged back, left my bike where it was (Cairns), and jumped into Paul’s F100 (it’s a truck, not a car..)


Either way, this 43-year-old machine got us back up to Cape York without any major trouble and just in time. About 4 hours after we arrived it started raining and the road closed.


Once the road closes it usually stay’s that way the whole wet season. Then the only option to get out is by plane or, as I discovered, on the Trinity Bay. A barge that supplies the communities and islands in the Torres Strait every week.

Trinity BayTrinity Bay

They have space for 32 passengers as well, wich makes it a popular way of transport in the dry season. There are not too many tourist around in the wet. So not only did I get a 2-night-trip on the barge. Also I was the one and only passenger, I had the whole ship for myself! And the 16 crew-members.

Relaxing times

It’s a very relaxing trip.


The weather was gorgeous.

View from the ship

It had stopped raining.


Just before setting off I witnessed one of the most spectacular sunset’s on the Tip yet.

Another glorious Sunset

As the sun disappeared under the horizon there was a very brief but bright green flash.

Ever gazed upon the green flash, Master Gibbs?”

“I reckon I seen my fair share. Happens on rare occasion. The last glimpse of sunset, a green flash shoots up into the sky. Some go their whole lives without ever seeing it. Some claim to have seen it who ain’t. And some say—”

“It signals when a soul comes back to this world from the dead.

―Hector Barbossa, Joshamee Gibbs and Pintel, pirates of the Caribbean.-

It gave me a taste of what’s to come.

10 thoughts on “Boomerang-ing

  1. Tried a few times to see a green flash but no luck so far. Need very stable atmospheric conditions I think. Hope all is well on your future journey. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures. Richard & Sarah

  2. great photos!! very nice.
    I saw my first (and only, to date) green flash a couple of months ago on the ship leaving Hobart, most of us were up on deck but no one else saw it. Helps if you are looking for it (I even got a photo).

  3. Always a pleasure to read your lines and see your pics!!!
    You GO GIRL! 😉
    .. btw: did you catch up with Miss Catriona at some stage?!

  4. Hi nicht! Ik liep wat achter met je verhalen, maar weer erg leuk om te lezen! Wat zijn je plannen voor de komende tijd? Trouwens, nagellak op je tenen…? Fanstastisch haha!! XX

  5. Great to read about your cycling and other travel adventures! Always wonderful pictures! I share your love for cycling in the outback, although I only went on two 5 week long trips on paved roads, but I plan to do some more in the future. I am looking forward to more travel news.
    Best wishes,

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