Hi! I’m Mirjam.

Pic: ErikvdBoom

Photo: ErikvdBoom

 Born in the Netherlands I grew up cycling.

an early start As a kid we (Mum, Dad & three sisters) went on bike-holidays.

We had no car.


I love to move.

Walked off as a toddler to be found by a nice lady who gave me ice-cream (and rang my mum who hadn’t yet missed me)

Hiked to Luxembourg at 17.

 In 2001, after a failed attemped to study I decided to ‘take a holiday‘ before going to Uni.


And then forgot to return.


Starting out in Ireland I was in complete awe of the fascinating travel stories I heard from many backpackers. 

 I had no idea! So I got a backpack and hitch-hiked around Europe.

Hitchhiking with my new canadian friend '01

In 2003 I picked up a bicycle and cycled to Morrocco2003

That was it.


Hooked on Freedom. 

The rest of Europe followed, as you can see here (baltic states) , here (scandinavia), here (Slovenia/Hungary) and here (NL/Belgium/France).

10 years later I’m still happily rolling along.

 My gear has changed and updated over the years. From everything 2nd hand and as cheap as possible to pretty flash with a couple of sponsors on board.


my bike '04 I’ve gone through 7 rackety old bikes, some with, some without gears until in 2009 Multicycle offered me a bike of theirs!

yeah baby

I have been extremely lucky and am still happy everyday because without bike-break-down-worries I can get different places and slightly more remote. As I did when I cycled the dirt-roads of outback Australia. AustraliaOne of many highlights!

And since 2014 Dutch company AGU is providing me with clothes and panniers.

D&R Fotografie

D&R Fotografie

 Nothing can stop me now!

When I am tired I sleep,Goodnight!

When I am Hungry I eat,black noodlesScreen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.50.26 PM

When I need money I work.



In September 2016 me has become weMe&Tara_edited-1

Tara en ik op fiets

pic by Susanne

Life is great!

Life is beautiful!

Don’t waste it.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Mirjam&Tara Wouters

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