Looking for inspiration?

There’s some great collections of bicycle-touring blogs out there;

Top 50 Bicycle Touring Blogs

Checkout the girls at Loretta’s    WOW -Woman on Wheels- Wall

Friedel & Andrew  have tons of info, And a huge collection of bike-touring Blogs in their en-CYCLO-pedia 

More Bicycle touring blogs to be found in Eric’s & Amaya’s collection : Go Bicycle Touring Blogs

And Amaya’s Woman Cycle the World Page, Inspiration and information

Tim & Laura keep a long distance bicycle-database on their site ‘the Next Challenge

And here you can download the free bicycle traveler Magazine full of good stories and inspiring pictures.
Enough Inspiration?


And now you want to go but

don’t know where to start?

Check out the  Bike Touring Survival guide


Tom Allen’s

250 pages of hard-earned advice on getting kitted out for your adventure.

If that’s not enough, check out Tom’s website ,where you will find every single piece of information you ever wanted.

Alastair Humphreys
 has an aweful lot of stories, tips, tricks and information on his website.


Warmshowers is a wonderful community for touring cyclists and hosts.



Well, I guess I’ll see you out there!

Happy days 🙂


And here’s some blogs I follow:


I ran into Heike in Tasmania in 2011, since she’s cycled many many km’s and keeps an great blog chockablock of stunning images!



Cinderella. another Dutch girl taking it easy and enjoying her travels at a good pace. Great stories and beautiful pictures.




prepress-2 From Sweden with lots of happiness rides Frederika around the world. Beautiful images and short interesting blog post, always leaving you wanting to read more..



cyclingfamilyThe Cycling Family has been riding and growing over the past decade. I follow their trip in the America’s with a lot of interest. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride in their tracks one day 🙂 





Jin, from Korea has set off from Canada to ride her bike as far as she can to see the universe, She has a wonderful way of describing her travels.



heraHera, from the Netherlands,  is currently riding south from Alaska (after already riding to SE Asia from Europe) 




Emily, A bike courier who takes on the world. Most excellent read!






I love reading Richards humorous travel tales as he cycles (or walks) onwards, forever onwards (and mostly uphill) -in Dutch-






Shane. bike touring, bike packing, winter, summer, fall. Shane Cycles





Helen’s take on…. whatever comes her way (or whatever she finds her way to)

Is it riding across Africa, Siberia, Adventure talks or writing books. She just does it all.




I met Dorothee in Indonesia on her first tour around the world, she’s a machine and is now on her second lap around.




Eleanor. Adventurer, photographer, writer. Based in China. Wonderful photography





Bernadette went on her first biketrip aged 16 and now, decades later still absolutely loves bike touring by herself, She keeps her blog in Dutch and writes bicycle guidebooks.




Leana. Sold up and set off in 2007. Still going.





Kurt. Who after I met him in Turkey went on to keep an awesome blog and have some crazy off-road South American adventures. And onwards…



Greamme has the best blog out there if you’re interested in trails Australia!

(He also got one for Hiking New Zealand these days.)



 Fietsjunks Ellen and Elmar are now cycling the America’s but have been all over the world taking stunning images as they go.