No Particular Reason

And when I got there, I figured, since I’ve gone this far, I might as well turn right around, just keep on going…

-Forest Gump-

Cape York

Good intentions I only made it 200km down from the Tip of Cape York when Rick passed me and asked if I needed a lift.


I didn’t need one. But I didn’t mind either…

I got lazy…

Instead of riding the same stretch of dusty corrugated dirt, I could spent a bit more time in the places I liked on my way up.

So it was ‘so long’ Cape York with its beautiful beaches.

(where you cant swim unless you liked to get chewed on)

Althought it didn’t stop some,

Crocs don't worry them..And see you later…

LocalsWhen I finally got out of Rick’s very comfortable, airconditioned, tourbus I was about 500km further south and back into lovely rainforest country.

Back through rainforest

I rode back to Cooktown, where I spent a few days on the way up months ago.Cooktown

The nice thing of cycling through places you’ve been before is that it feels like coming home a little. You’re not a complete stranger. You might even run into some old friends. (…..)

Hamish & AndyHamish & Andy happened to just be re-enacting the landing of Captain Cook when I strolled passed.

This time I took a little more time to wander around, climb up a big hill and enjoy the views.

I rode back down passed the old Lions Den Hotel, where nothing has changed,

and into Wujal Wujal, where nothing had changed either…

Back to Cairns where I happened to have a few days up my sleeve.

I decided to do something completely different.

Eventhough I don’t like water much at all.

turtleBut while youre here you can’t really skip the chance to have a look at the great barrier reef.


-More to come-

6 thoughts on “No Particular Reason

  1. mmn.. havent seen your blog for a while… looks like same old same old… ha.. however i hear that maybe you are going to japan or north korea… maybe eventually the cyclingdutch girl will be really big there with her own tv show doing endorsements and selling cyclingdutchgirl cookies.. made by a cyclingdutchgirl friend, of course.. maybe .. you never know.. love steve.

  2. Jaah! The Lions Den, daar hangt Gerdo’s business card (of een NL bankbiljet, ik weet het niet zeker meer) nog ergens…. Je geniet van het leven Mirjam, blijf dat doen! Veel groeten vanuit een winters en besneeuwd Breda. Groeten van Gerdo en Wilma

  3. Hoi Mirjam!

    Leuk om weer een bericht te zien met weer wat mooie foto’s!
    Succes met je fiets en de voorbereidingen voor het vervolg,



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