The town I love so well…

Derry, Londonderry, Stroke city, The maiden city, Doire, the walled City, Doire Cholm Chille
Probably the place with most names for one town…

Steve & Kylie

I’m away soon, and this time it’s for real. I know you’ve heard it all before Steve… and I’ve never been away longer then 5 months but wait and see, I’m not gonna come back this time!…. not this year anyway…

I’ve had a great time! No trouble at all…
Obviously liked it, since I arrived here for a holiday in March 2001. And now, 6 years later, I’m finally about to get out of here (havent been here the WHOLE time… done a wee bit of travelling every now and then)

It’s the Derry Vortex, it sucks you in and wont let go… I’m telling ye! Derry City Independent Hostel, my home all these years.
And all the cool and interesting people I’ve met here. The stories we shared over a couple of pints of the black stuff 😉
BBQ’s in summer.., going crazy on Halloween, paddys day or the jazz festival…. dancing, anytime anywhere.

It’s a good life… but not All the time, how I look forward to no more slamming doors, no more dishes, no more drunk people getting me up and no more showers to scrub or beds to make, wheehaa!

Gonna miss it though, only a little bit… sometimes.

Thank you Steve thank you Kylie! For being the best bosses, and letting me run the hostel and do all the things I want to do my way … 😉

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3 thoughts on “The town I love so well…

  1. Ah the good times, the good times and the hungover times eh? I’m sure Derry is missing you already! Any fun new purchases? Give us all the minute details of preparations. 🙂

  2. yo Mirjam, here is a girl who temporarily has taken over the independent hostel. Kylie & Steve went away to Scotland for couple of days and let me have a go with the business. Found your pictures and website address, i think it is great. Just letting you know that both of my new bosses seem to miss you a lot. Hope you have a great travels and i will keep on looking at your site from time to time to check where the bike has taken you.

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