Sooooo organized

Well. I think I’ve got my stuff together…

Three days to go and then I’m away for real! On the Tuesday I need to get my last vaccination against rabies too but that’s in Wageningen, which is pretty much on the way to Australia anyway 😉

I’ll have an interview Monday with someone from the local newspaper, the ‘Apeldoornse Courant’.

In the paper!

So I might be famous before I’m even gone hehe…

I’ve got all sorts of pretty things. Like a water purifying system. Apparently I can even drink out of the Ganges but I don’t think I’ll try that one. And I’m getting a new cooker, my tried and tested trangia stove wont be sufficient in some places since T-rod (spiritus) isn’t too easy to get in a couple of countries I’ll cross. So I’ve ordered a multi fuel-burner that fits on my stove and I’ll hope it gets here before Tuesday…

Took my Bike to the doctor today which cost me an arm and a leg but now I’ll never EVER get a puncture ever again. Or so I’ll choose to believe. I’ve got continental tires and I’ve heard they’re real good. My dad told me so. And coolest is a bell that’s not just a bell but a compass as well!! The things you can get…

My tent has been up in the garden the last couple of days and is still dry on the inside. That’s a good sign. Its green, my last tent was red. Not the best for trying to camp out and hide in the bush.. But perfect for finding back your tent at big festivals. -Not good if it’s really dark and you haven’t got a light to open the wee padlock except for your mp3 player so you keep pushing buttons and discover in the morning that not only you changed the code for the lock in the middle of night so you have to break the zip… but ALSO you erased ALL the music off your MP3 player… but that’s a different story. Not taking a MP3 player with me this time anyway.-

Haven’t put everything in my bags yet. But I’m sure its gonna fit. I’ve never cycled with bags on the front as well, except for a small test round in the Netherlands last year. There’s so much space! So I can bring my useless but fun things as well, like the glow-in-the-dark-poi’s  and my pretty coloured pencils. 😀

Very important is my camera, cause I wont be able to take pictures without. I’m taking my ‘new’ camera a Fujifilm finepix S9500. Ill hope It be as good as my old one, the Finepix S5000.

I went to see my great grandma yesterday,

Great Grandma

it was her 74th wedding anniversary! Tomorrow some family and friends will come and say goodbye and then I’m off to town with a few friends. Dolly Parton on Sunday And then I’m really ready to go…

Exciting isn’t it!

3 thoughts on “Sooooo organized

  1. Hi Mirjam, looking forward to some awesome pics and stories.
    I wouldn’t like to drink water from the ganges too often….unless your purifier is close to reverse osmosis you should probably stick to bottled stuff! Enjoy the ride…hope to see you here in Australia within the next couple of years or so. oh, and enjoy Dolly! Cheers

  2. Hopefully Dolly had been a great start of your trip. Good luck on the way towards Down Under. I’ll buy you a drink if you reach Tasmania. And I’ll keep an eye on your bank account nr. Take care missy

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