The date is set!

I’ve got the date!
I’m leaving on my bike the 20th of March. And that’s all about I’ve planned.
Personally I think that is a whole lot for a un-organized, kindda lazy, messy and slightly chaotic person like myself…
Only reason this is the date is because I can’t leave before the 18th. The day I’m gonna see Dolly Parton live in concert Very Happy

Anyway, the planning…
Doesn’t it involve a whole lot of organization…?
Haven’t you got sponsors…?
Are you a good swimmer…?
The first questions I get when I tell people I’m about to cycle to Australia.

I really don’t think you can do a lot of planning for a journey like this.. or well, some people probably can but I’m not one of them.
I’ve never really ‘planned’ any trip ever before and it always worked out, so I don’t see the point in starting now.
Of course there’s a couple of important things. I’ve started getting injections against scary diseases and I’ve looked online to get info about visas and stuff. My conclusion is that I might as well figure that out on the way.

So why I go to Australia..? I’d say; Why not?… because I can.
I might never get to Australia. That’s fine with me too. It’s not the destination I’m looking forward to. It’s being on the road again. I miss the freedom and euphoric feeling I get on my bike. Back to basics. All you need to ‘worry’ about is where will I sleep? and what will I eat… Surviving on as little as possible and hopefully make some nice pictures while I’m at it.

The not having sponsors or doing this for charity thing is mainly because I can’t be bothered going around asking people for stuff … And on the other hand I like to do things myself. But I obviously wouldn’t try to stop you if, all of the sudden, you feel very charitable and want to give some cash to a charity of your choice…

my bank account nr is 393244334… can’t blame me for trying Wink😉

I’m not a great swimmer. Lucky for me some very handy people have discovered you can cross water in a few different ways… A boat would be my preference, but I’ll figure it out when I need to.

If you like to know how I’ll get on just keep an eye on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “The date is set!

  1. Hi there 😉
    I will check ur site and follow u. Gona miss u when u are out. But hope u come to ur goal. Take care!!

    Best regards. 🙂
    Michael – Sweden Sköt om dig, Kram!!

  2. Hi mirjam,
    The three grannies you met at the hostel in Derry are safely back home in WA. Won’t be long before you set off on your trip. Hope all goes well for you and when you get to Australia we would like to catch up with you if you make it to WA.
    When you travel in Australia you will have to make plans because of the huge distances here between places. This is for your own safety but I am sure you will look into that when you get here.
    It has been very hot since we arrived home after our wonderful Irish experience.
    For two days next week it will be 40 degrees and that is too hot for most of us who live here!
    Was nice to meet you and we are interested to follow your travels.
    Cheers for now,
    Shirley B

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