Can do!

Mini Adventures, Magic, and one Mabsoot

Sometimes you arrive in a place that you sorta kindda like a lot. And you don’t want to hurry through. I had pitched my tent on the other side of the mountain the night before in the hope to catch some Northern Lights after cycling the glorious road down from Egilsstaðir.  It was weak, but still…

Ice Cave Camping

Reindeer, Rocks and Royalty

The past few weeks have been an amazing collection of awesome scenery, Lots of rocks, large… and small. Wonderful encounters, and mad weather. I know that it can be windy in Iceland. It’s the biggest issue. I don’t mind cold, I don’t mind snow and I don’t mind the occasional windy day. But when it’s blowing a gale…


Wheels, Wind and a Whiteout

I rode out of Hafnarfjörður very slowly. It had little to do with the load I was carrying or the spike-tyres I had still on.  I had half a day to enjoy the sunshine, passed a frozen lake with frozen waves, and a boiling stream. It’s weird having something hot, so close and being cold yourself.…

Thor, Testicles and Thingvellir

It’s a surprise when you end up on a party with pirates in a country where you would expect Vikings. But this is just what happened. I had met Vala earlier that day in Reykjavik. We had a coffee and she showed me some of the sights around town, like a huge indoor market where…

D&R Fotografie

Let’s keep moving!

I thought about the most logical continuation of the trip. So a few days ago I landed in Iceland. But not after spending a couple of months in the low countries. My time in the Netherlands was well spent. Getting to know my new nieces and nephews was wonderful, and maybe this time there won’t…

Too Rocky to Roll

Rocks and Rolling

  It seems to me that the colder it gets, the warmer the people.  In the last few weeks on the road we camped less than a hand full of times. There’s a few good reasons for this.  This far north we came across the military everywhere, even in a temple, where they gave me…


The Market, The Mountain and Mohammad

I am so happy with the map I found! It even shows the tiniest zig-zaggery roads that google won’t show me! Google is not so great in Korea. They have their own version called ‘naver’ wich is very difficult to use for me as my Korean is rather terrible.