Wheels, Wind and a Whiteout

I rode out of Hafnarfjörður very slowly. It had little to do with the load I was carrying or the spike-tyres I had still on.  I had half a day to enjoy the sunshine, passed a frozen lake with frozen waves, and a boiling stream. It’s weird having something hot, so close and being cold yourself.…

Too Rocky to Roll

Rocks and Rolling

  It seems to me that the colder it gets, the warmer the people.  In the last few weeks on the road we camped less than a hand full of times. There’s a few good reasons for this.  This far north we came across the military everywhere, even in a temple, where they gave me…


The Market, The Mountain and Mohammad

I am so happy with the map I found! It even shows the tiniest zig-zaggery roads that google won’t show me! Google is not so great in Korea. They have their own version called ‘naver’ wich is very difficult to use for me as my Korean is rather terrible.


Tents, Tramps and Temples

  It has taken me a while to warm to Korea. I guess after coming off the massive high of Japan, New Zealand and Australia, nothing would quite compare. And this was my problem. When I stopped comparing and started looking around with fresh eyes I finally started to enjoy this weird and wonderful country.

Nice view.

Wind, Rocks and Woman

  em>”Wind, Rocks and Woman. But no beggars, thieves or locked gates.” That’s how Jeju island, off the south point of Korea, is described by its locals. I would add “water” to that list. Not only is it -obviously- surrounded by water. Also there’s a fair amount of water falling both from rocks and sky.

Last night on Shikoku

Shikoku Shakedown

Road 30 looked nice. Road 30 was closed. Even better! I’ve learned in Hokkaido, a road closed-sign usually only means the gate across the road is closed. And the road will be perfectly rideable and beautifully quiet. I was right.

Love It!

Hills, Heat and a Horny man

My arrival in Takayama was celebrated with a huge firework display. Different from your usual fireworks as the big fire spewing barrels were handheld by daredevils until they exploded. (the barrels, not the guys) It started off with a few big bangs that would’ve damaged ears for miles around. Not mine though. My hearing has…