Tara Outside

At 17 days this baby discovered a hammock is a basic necessity.

And at one month she rode with me on a bicycle…


photo: Dimmen van Otterloo

At two months she got her own set of wheels!


And learned how to take a selfie…


At three months she has walked in the forest,img_20170105_123827-1

visited different cities,



Played with new friends,

(they were both very enthusiastic about it… no really!…)

hung out with people from around the world;


Annechien & John (NL & OZ)


With Elsje, Joe & children in Maastricht (from South Africa & UK)

Spent a lot of time with family,


The Whole Family

And celebrated Christmas.kaart

At four months she has been in 3 countries at once,


Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

cycled all around her hometownimg_20161227_150254img_20161230_145719p1250290dsc_0993


like her mum in Northern Canada,p1000415

slept on ice.dsc_0925

(But not after we made a few laps)dsc_0889

All in all she’s been one busy baby and I’m doing all I can to keep up with her.

(Keeping up with the blog has not been a priority sorry!

We’ve been amazed and humbled by all the well wishes, cards and presents we’ve received from all corners of the world!)

Luckily, sometimes, she likes to just chill on the couch as well.16523256_10155015459568336_411957682_o

Now, at 5 months, we’ve been to a big hiking & biking- show,


Hosted our first warmshower-guests,P1250416And we’ve just taken our first overnight bike-trip!

But that’s something we will tell you all about a next time.p1240863


You’ll hear from us!




50 thoughts on “Tara Outside

  1. What a lovely partner you´ve got for your trips!!! I like that you´re not letting having a baby stop you from anything!!!!! A big hug to you and Tara 🙂

  2. Oh, she’s so amazing and looks so peacefull and calm! I wish you all the best! A warm hug from Portugal.

  3. congrats on your healthy happy adventurous start to life together – you both look comfortable and like you’re enjoying this wonderful world – that’s what it’s all about!! xoxo

  4. Great photos Mirjam, beautiful baby girl, beautiful mom. Nice to see you here,
    I often wonder how you are.

  5. So great to have an update! We’ve never met, but I’ve been and continue to be inspired by your adventures!

  6. Hello Mirjam. Tara is beautiful and I already see the adventuratrix in her! Are you back in Apeldoorn? Wishing you all Health and Happiness!

  7. You met up with Elsje and Joe and kids!! How lovely! 🙂 I guess I will have to get myself to your corner of the world now sometime too 😉
    All the best to the lovely ladies!!

  8. Have missed your posts but now I see you’re doing what matters. What fun you’re all having and how happy that adorable little girls seems. Congratulations.

  9. Wat leuk dit allemaal te lezen, en de foto’s erbij, dit word net zo`n wereldreiziger, met de paplepel ingegeven. Het ga jullie goed en kijk uit naar de volgende reisverhalen.

  10. Thank you so much for your update on your and Tara!! What a beautiful little baby and what a wonderful life she is living already!! Love seeing what you’ve been up to and where you go. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!!!

  11. great to hear from you again and to see the amazing pictures of you and Tara. I missed your stories. looking forward to the next one.

  12. Super leuk, de foto’s en alles wat je met Tara onderneemt. Ik vind vooral de familie foto erg leuk. Wat een grote groep! Enjoy!

  13. We are curious if Tara will walk or ride the bike first. 😉 When she starts school she will have seen the whole world already. What a fantastic start of life!!!
    We have been in NZ few days ago and had to think of you, when ever we saw a cyclist on our way.
    All the best for you all.
    Nüket & Nuriel (we met in Australia in 2012)

  14. Hallo Mirjam,
    Wat een prachtige foto’s en wat een prachtige dochter. Leuk om haar op de foto’s te zien en wat een leuke dingen doe je met haar.
    Ik ben benieuwd naar haar verder ontwikkeling.
    Zo te zien gaat het goed met jullie en dat is fijn.
    Geniet van dit prachtige mensje, want ze is zo maar groot.
    Een hartelijke groet en een knuffel voor Tara van Heleen Smit.

  15. My son looks back fondly and in awe at some of the photos we took of him in wonderful places at a similar age. Your daughter is one lucky lady and you will find that the spirit of adventure will continue in her. Congratulations on becoming a mother, trust your instinct and enjoy xxx

  16. Hello Cycling Dutch Girl,
    I met you once years ago on a train in the Netherlands. You were visiting family for the first time in a long while. You told me about your adventures and when I got off that train that day, I was inspired and in awe. Thank you for that.
    Today I thought back on that train ride and decided to look you up online. And I see you have created a little miracle and are of course still cycling. Congratulations!
    Lots of happiness to you and your family!

    • Hi Desiree, Ah how nice you still remember! And thank you. Well, I’m hoping, if you check back in a few years down the way you’ll still find me riding around this bicycle.. 😉 We will see. Wishing you happiness as well!

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