Magic and Madness. Or something in between.

Prince Rupert in August is a fair bit more pleasant than Prince Rupert in December. Prince RupertFor a town that get’s 229 rainy days a year it was surprisingly sunny, image2 (1)and I got to catch up with Ben & Kerem!

Kerem & Ben

Whom I met as they were riding down Vancouver Island last December as I was heading north.

They got stopped in their tracks by an aggressive tick but have every intention to continue their ride to South America as soon as possible.Fimo-art

We made FIMO-art.

They lovingly looked after my bicycle while I was living it up on Vancouver island.

Oh yes. 

Joe Nichols

I went to Sunfest.

Or, more precise, I volunteered at Sunfest.Me, yeehaa!

By sheer luck my ‘job’ was to take pictures of other people doing actual work. I had a blast!My Job :)

And my pictures were being shown on the big screen. Yay 🙂Crowd at the festival

It was getting pretty hot though,New Friends the temperatures soared up into the 30’s°C and bush fires sprang up all over the place.

This is what the sky looked like in Port Alberni.Bush Fire Sky

So I shot back to the other side of the island where the wind was more favourable and the air a bit clearer.

And stayed with Carla for another while. At 30 weeks pregnant she’s looking great! Her belly still hasn’t surpassed the size of mine, Carla, 30 weeks pregnantthen again she’s ‘only’ 30 weeks pregnant, up against 30 years of drinking beer ( ok, this might be a slight exaggeration )

We had lots of fun checking out what happens in and near Parksville in summer.

Like an impressive sand sculpture contest,

an animal conservation park where big heads lurked in the woods,Big head lurking in the woodsand French Creek, French Creekthe place her man and his dad arrive and depart on their quest to fish the seas between here and Prince Rupert.

Talking about, it was time for me to head back to Prince Rupert to be reunited with my bicycle, so I made my way to the Airport in Vancouver where, in line to get on a flight to Terrace I hear: “ Mirjam..?”
Imagine that! I had met Juliene last March in Inuvik!At the airport... About 4000km further north!
How’s that for a coincidence?

Another coincedence was Keith from Quesnel. We met through a mutual friend (Hi Darren!) and when I first arrived in Quesnel I had sent him a message asking where about in town he lived.
Only a few doors down from where I was staying, as it turned out.
Now, in Terrace, I send him another message as I knew he was about to travel through. Again his reply came, I’m just a few doors down…
A few doors down.Now how is THAT for a coincidence…? And beer continued to flow freely.Squirrel

I stayed with Dave & Mary, they’ve hosted me when I cycled through last December.
This time I wasn’t on my bike, but Mary was!The Surly Girls :)I was keen to get my ass back into gear and do some actual moving.

Apart from just lifting beersBeerthere’s a real good brewery in Terrace..

My friend Terry took me Totem pole carving. Pole CarvingArtist Joe Mandur likes 3000 people to help carve his totem pole, so if you happen to be in or around Terrace, do pay him a visit!

I picked up my bicycle at Ben & Kerems and hopped on a ferry to Haida Gwaii.
Ever since I arrived in Canada people have asked me if I have been there or if I’m going. So I guess I had no choice but to go and find out what the fuzz is about.

On the ferry across I was happily minding my own business when I heard the PA system calling me.
“Can CyclingDutchgirl come to the bridge…” It said.
That was Larry,Larry on the Bridge Larry is a friend of Rory. Rory used to be the Captain on this very ferry and I happened to dance with him at the Williams Lake Stampede…The Williams Lake Stampede

It’s a small world.
Or maybe I’ve just been here way too long.

Either way, Larry was happy to show me around and let me hang out on the bridge.Ferry

Terry from Terrace hooked me up with his friend Eric.Eric

Together with Gilda, who happened to be on the same ferry and on a bicycle, he showed us a little of the area.Eric Swings

Like this rope swing.

He lives in a gorgeous little cabin on a hill.Eric's Cabin on the Hill

After sorting all my stuff out I finally hit the road!on my bike

Luckily (well intentionally actually) my arrival coincided with the annual Edge-of-the-world music festival.Happy DaysI had volunteered here too and that turned out to be a great move as not only did I get to talk to just about everybody,
I also got fed breakfast, lunch & dinner.Awesome Food!

The food should have a special mention as it was truly suburb!Good Food!I camped with warmshower hosts Susan & Warren, Warren & Susan

who live only a kilometer from the festival grounds in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

From the deck you look straight over the beach and the Ocean.They got a dog too There is hardly a better place for morning coffee!  

(Have you noticed..? I’m on Instagram too these days

The House in the Dunes

My job involved sitting at the VIP-tent and making sure people were wearing the right and the handsome conservation officer

Here I am. Looking all tough and security-dude-like… Right?
I had a nice view of the stage so I enjoyed watching the music too.Music

I particularly liked the local dance groups with their beautiful dress.DrumsLocal Dancers

The Cutest

And the special Haida-hats, woven from spruce-root or cedar-bark.

Girl with Haida-hat

They did a great job at getting everybody involved,Even I'm involved!

One of the people I got chatting too was Dave Unsworth, an interesting character, born and raised out here on the islands.

He invited me out on a tug-boat ride whenever I would cross Port Clements. So I made sure to stop by!

But first I headed North. North on a rainy day

Past Tow-hill, where a leisurely walk takes you up this hump and treats you (if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day) on a spectacular view over this 24km long beach.North Beach

The sand is hard packed so if you’re careful and keep an eye on the tides you can drive a vehicle all the way to the spit.Shipwreck

Or ride a bicycle,

as was my case.Cycling the sand on a windy day

It was a little windy and a little wet on my way out. Riding along the beach

But after I found a lovely little spot to pitch my tent.

(Thanks Eric for the tip!)My Camp :)

it cleared up and I enjoyed an amazingly golden sunset.Gorgeous Sunset!

In the meantime Devjeet had joined me,Devjeet

He had cycled by earlier in the day and decided this was indeed the best spot to set up camp.The Beach

That night, as it was totally clear, we oohed and aahed over the meteor shower that happened to strike. Watching the meteor shower

It was truly magical.My Tent

It was still clear and sunny the next day,Coffee time!

so I leisurely made my way back along that beach.Playing in the woods.

Stopping at Tow-Hill and running around the woods with no shoes on.Away with the fairies

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone (totally) mad (yet).The road North

Tyler & Falon live in Massett.Taylor & FalonMade it to MassetTotemRaven.

And let me crash at their place for a few nights.

They’re also totally adorable as this picture clearly shows.


He happens to work for Dave, Dave

who kept his promise to take me out on the tugboat.Taylor

It’s real interesting to see how people live and work in these far flung places at the edge of our world.the D & E one

The day I was here I got to see how the logs are collected on the water and taken to a large barge to move them to a mill in Vancouver and onwards. The barge

I even got to go up in the cranes and have a look.Up on the Crane

I think I might just stay around a little while…the Golden Spruceme on boatsunset

To be continued… 🙂

14 thoughts on “Magic and Madness. Or something in between.

  1. Wow, you are still on the road and have discovered beautiful places since. I am glad that your parents came to visit . It must have been so nice for you to have them around. Great memories to cherish. If you pass again by our town, please stop by. Chantal and Antoine

  2. Geweldig, wat een belevenissen weer! En wat een leuke mensen heb je weer ontmoet. De filmpjes zijn ook leuk, vooral die met die boomstammen, schitterend!
    Liefs van ons.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful and the places you’ve visited are amazing, so pristine and peaceful looking!!! It’s amazing that through all the miles (kilometers, I know) you have traveled, you continue to meet up with people you’ve met thousands of km (miles to me!!) ago!! It truly is a small world. Stay safe Mirjam and continue on your journey. I’m always happy to see you’ve posted something new, I look forward to it !! Signing off from Michigan, USA!!!

  4. Een prachtig verslag heb je weer gemaakt Mirjam, erg boeiend om te lezen en naar te kijken! Heel veel plezier verder en groetjes, kijk ook weer uit naar je volgende berichten!

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