Mum & Dad visit Canada

The weather has been utterly glorious for about two months now!

so guess what I did…

on the way south


Ok, not completely true, but I have left my bicycle in Prince Rupert to have a vacation with mum and dad.mum & dad

It seems a little funny to have ridden through snow, wind and rain while now, in perfect sunshine, I don’t cycle.

Lucky there’s a memory on a beer can,

Beer/BikeThere have been a few of those..

I’ve seen a whole different side of Vancouver Island this time around.







First of all, it didn’t rain! That’s not how I remember it.

It does help to have a mum with a pile of guidebooks to tell you where to go and what to see.

Who knew there’s a whole town full of murals? ( Chemainus BC)

Just follow the yellow footsteps through town and you’ll see.

Then a whole other town with totem-poles.  (Duncan, BC)totem

I guess everybody knew except for me.tasty wrap

A few things I did know, I showed mum and dad where the big trees grow,Little dad, Big treeand introduced them to some of the wonderful people I’ve met along my bicycle ride 6 months ago,

Don! (without accordeon)

Don! (without accordeon)

We took boats,

view from the ferry

view from the ferry

Swam in lakesmum in the lake

camped in a few glorious places,pretty campview from my hammock Lake Cowichan

And I managed to catch up with my gorgeous friend Carla,

whom I’ve last seen on top of a mountain pass in Nepal 8 years ago.Nepal 2007

Now she’s settled in a pretty seaside village on Vancouver Island, 6 months pregnant. Carla & IThat’s how things can turn out too you see.

In case you forgot.

We left the Island to head up to our main part of the vacation.

A canoe-trip on the Bowron Lakes Circuit.

Incidently the drive up was the exact same way I cycled down last January.

We walked up a hill to check out some lakes.lakeA hike up a hill and loved the little flowers everywhere. cute flowersYou know what they’re called?pretty leaves.

papa mamasunset

Going up this way was an excellent excuse to visit a few new and old friends along the tracks.

the boys in Quesnel

Bob, me, Jim & Keith

So we enjoyed a BBQ in Quesnel,

Took a canoe out for a spin at Barry & Lois place,Barry's Canoe

and admired the hummingbird’s at Terry’s.Hummingbirds

The camping looks great in the pictures,Mum Cooking

That’s mainly because you don’t feel the mosquito’s in the pictures,Mum

And we got the chance to call in at the “Bread Peddlers” in WellsKate and her husband Tim met while both on separate bike journeys across Canada.

Now They got a bakery in Wells where they make the most gorgeous sourdough bread!Kate & MeI’ve heard the pizza’s are awesome too, sadly we came through on the wrong days to try…

But maybe you’ll make it!flower

Now we were ready to climb out of that little car for at least a week (oh I missed my bicycle)Portage

And make our way to the water. CanoeP1030266

The Bowron Lakes is a circuit of about 10 lakes, in total there’s 116km of peddling to do and about 10km of portaging. mum & dad

There’s 52 designated camp area’s. Some have only space for 2 tents, and some up to 15.

Pic by Dad

Pic by Dad

It was pretty quiet when we were there, that was lucky because you’re supposed to make a reservation.

Organised as we are, we didn’t do so.

There are places where you can pick up firewood. So we had a lovely fire most nights.

Along the shore’s you find a few cabins too,Cabin you can even stay there if the weather is bad, rain comingCabin

Apparently that happens quiet a bit judging by the writing on the walls, writing on the walland the creative wood-paddles everywhere.people getting creativeWe had two days of bad weather,
Mum Cooking
but it didn’t make thing any less pretty.Rainy day


And so we spent the whole week swimming,

pic by dad

pic by dad

Canoeing over the lakes,Mum & Dad

past big rocks,Mum & Dad Big rock

and waterfalls.Waterefall

I took it easy, reading my bookpic by dad

and being on the look out for wildlife.wildlife

Mum & Dad have never seen a bear. So that would’ve been exciting. One day when I was a bit ahead of them I noticed a small black bear just on the water’s edge. It shuffled off in a hurry before I could even grab my camera.

But we’ve seen Jim’s picture.

pic by Jim

pic by Jim

Who only a week ago saw a Grizzly with two cubs crossing the river when he paddled the Bowron Circuit.

And we did spot some Moose,Moose Moose

One morning I was woken up by Moose and a mini-Moose trotting by my tent.Moose & mini-Moose

They sure don’t walk quietly.

Then there was the Loon

LooneWith the craziest scream you can imagine! Common LoonSeriously, I had no idea a rather pretty little bird can make such a noice!

This one was a lot quieter.

EagleBut still super spectacular. He let us come up real close. That surprised me.

The whole trip we had only one scare, because we’re out of service we had asked the rangers to contact us in case of emergency.

You see, my grandad has been very ill. One sunny afternoon a ranger boat came straight at us and we all must’ve looked scared. They were only out to check our registration.

Sadly last weekend my lovely grandad did pass away.Bye Granddad

He’ll be missed.



20 thoughts on “Mum & Dad visit Canada

  1. Wonderful that you could spend such quality time with your parents in such a wonderful place. There is no place quite like BC.

  2. So sorry about your grandpa :-0(. Were your parents back with him by then? Your photos are awesome, as usual. The little green plant with white flowers is a dwarf dogwood, aka, bunchberry. One of my fave wildflowers!

  3. Nou nou, wat een mooi verslag van een geweldige maand! Het gebeurt niet vaak dat je een blog maakt waarvan ik de foto’s al eerder had gezien (en een aantal zelfs gemaakt…). Leuk om het zo weer terug te zien. Liefs!

  4. In 2010 fietsten we ook op Vancouver Island, en de murals van Chemainus herkenden we dus meteen.
    Prachtig land en prachtige mensen in BC, heel gastvrij.
    Het is altijd een plezier om jou foto’s te zien.

  5. Hallo Mirjam, Wat gezellig dat je ouders bij je geweest zijn en dat jullie zulke leuke dingen gedaan hebben. Prachtige foto’s heb je weer gemaakt en de muurschilderingen van Chemainus zijn prachtig en heel herkenbaar voor mij. Wat jammer dat je blog verdrietig eindigt. Gecondoleerd. Maar het leven gaat door. Geniet van je prachtige reizen en ik kijk uit naar je volgende foto’s.
    Groet van Heleen Smit.

  6. Lovely pics and text, as usual. Sorry about your Grandad. I imagine he had a wonderful life. He’s certainly left a beautiful family to continue theirs – and what better legacy is there?

  7. Als vanzelfsprekend weer ontzettend mooie verhalen en dito foto’s. Gecondoleerd met het overlijden van je opa.

  8. Gecondoleerd met het verlies van je opa. Mooie foto’s, mooi verslag. Heel leuk dat jullie een maand van elkaar en al het mooie hebben mogen genieten. Het lijkt me toch heel wat om als ouder zo’n avontuurlijke dochter te hebben, aan de andere kant als je dochter zo in haar element is moet dat ook heel goed voelen. Fijne reis en mooie avonturen verder!

  9. Hoi Mirjam, weer heel mooie verhalen en prachtige foto´s, erg fijn dat je je ouders zo lang hebt kunnen zien. Van harte gecondoleerd met het overlijden van je opa. Ik wens je weer heel mooie dagen toe, en kijk alweer uit naar je volgende verslag. Groetjes.

  10. I came across your blog a couple of days ago, and I am so amazed. this is by far the best cycling trip blog I’ve ever seen. amazing photos and inspiring stories, I am Iranian who lives in Toronto…. if you ever come to this part of Canada please let me know.

    By the way may I know the model of your camera and lens? very good photos indeed!

  11. Mooi Mir,

    Leuk om het verslag te lezen en de foto’s te zien bij de verhalen. Sterkte vrijdag, liefs van ons,

  12. What a wonderful gift to be with your parents and to show/experience B.C. all over again. Great this time for them. They will treasure this time…so very rare.

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