A new year, a new Calendar.

I’ve been busy,

This time a little less riding, but I put together a few calenders.

Since the new year is just about here I figured they might come in useful, if you happen to own a wall you can hang them on.

Unlike me. I could swing one off my handlebars I guess.

I probably should’ve done it about a month ago, but I never think too far ahead.

There is one about my biketrip in Australia.

But if you don’t feel like having me or my bicycle on your wall, there is one about the Australian Outback as well. It just means you have to look up my friend Steve’s shorts the whole month of January.

There is one with images of people I’ve met along the way and one with impressions from the roads in Tibet, Central Asia and India.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating New Years Eve with a bunch of people who don’t find my choice of music embarrassing.


or Yeehaa!, more like 😉

Have a good one!

7 thoughts on “A new year, a new Calendar.

  1. Dear Mirjam,
    Have a good one down under. We enjoyed reading your stories this year again. Our little one is joining you in Australia next week. She will start her backpacking advanture as normal from Sydney.
    Cheers, Gerdo and Wilma

  2. well happy new year darling..

    been an amazingly shit hostel year… but 2012 is going to rock..

    it must just be about new year on your side of the world so heres wishing you a great one..

    want a job!!

    love steve

  3. Hi Mirjam!
    Happy New Year 2012 to you from the three grannies……Gerry, Isabel and Shirley. Gerry is in Melbourne with her daughter and grandies but if she had been here with us in Katanning she would have nearly been washed into the New Year like Isabel and me.
    We had a huge electrical storm and two inches (50mls) in just two hours. Phew! There was plenty of water a flowing everywhere. Not only that we had a similar storm the evening previous with lots of rain. And this is supposed to be SUMMER time.
    I was supposed to welcome the New Year in with friends but after digging drains to let the water flow away and minding other peoples houses and pets etc decided to stay at home, but will catch up with them for New Years lunch instead.
    Sorry we have’nt been in touch much recently ….life has been so hectic in more ways than one.
    Cheers for now,
    Granny Shirley . 🙂

  4. Hi Mirjam very sorry I missed you last time you were passing through. Hope you had a very good new year and the wheels on your deadly treadly keep turning in 2012.
    Sarah and I spent new year in thornlie with Sarahs uncle and aunt.
    Hope to see you soon and all the best 🙂 x

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