Not The End

I rolled into the small country town of Braidswood on a glorious afternoon.the horse jumps It’s worth mentioning this since the weather has been everything but great my last few weeks in Australia.
My newfound surrogate-parents,  Robert and Joan, had mentioned the rodeo in town this weekend and the cattle-sales.
I have not seen a cattle sale-yard before (I saw the sheep-sale yards…) so went to have a look.cattle sales in Braidwood Many men with hats. This was good since I like ehm… hats.

Not at all did I feel out of place dressed in lycra leggings and my work-shirt…talking progress at the sale-yards


When I arrived at the rodeo-ground the preparations were in full swing. So I parked my bike between farm-ute’s and horse-floats, put on my hat 😉 and helped setting up.
Yeehaa!ready to rodeo

The sun kept it up the whole weekend…Bucking BullBucking Horse


the rodeo ballBut, naturally, as soon as I set off on my bike it started to drizzle. Via my newfound ‘mum & dad’ I got some contacts on the way out. So I stopped off at a farm where I was spoiled and filled up with steak, beer, pancakes and ice cream.Aussie Hospitality I keep telling myself ‘I’ll cycle it off’… I’ve got a whole lot more cycling to do…where to go


I set off along the Nerriga road. Mainly because on the map I’ve seen places named; “Duran Dura”, “Wog Wog” and “Tomboy”.
A dirt-road, with a little more traffic then I expected. Some serious ups and downs and the pub in Nerriga.Bridle Track

In the pub in Nerriga a man took one look at my bike and told me I couldn’t cycle up the next hill. I find this an unusual statement. Just because he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t… So I cycled up the hill. And called in at the chestnut-farm at the top where I stayed a day picking chestnuts , drinking beer and watching a man and his bird…

Mens best friendwhat else to do on a rainy day?the man and the bird


A lot of ChessnutsCycling along I saw a honey-place. I like honey so stopped and had a coffee. While the bees where buzzing about, doing what bees do I had a chat to the owner. He came to the conclusion I needed energy and stamina, so he gave me three little packs of super-honey. Bee power. And a bright yellow cap. I cycled real fast after that. And uphill too!bee-power

So fast that before I knew it evening started falling and I hadn’t reached Hill End yet (that is the name of the town at the end of the hill)viewWhen I stopped to take a photo of a cute cottage,cute cottage

a car pulled up, the lady lived in that cottage and migrated from Uruguay to Australia with her husband 23 years ago. Now they are restoring the cottage and having a South-American-style BBQ. If I’d like to join 🙂BBQ Uruquay-style

So without much trouble I reached the old mining town of Hill End the next morning. American Tobacco WarehouseOnce the largest NSW inland city with 52 pubs because of a massive amount of gold in the ground. Now it’s merely a ghost town with a nice little shop where few people mentioned the road I intended to take was closed.birds After some more inquieries I found out there had been a landslide and cars couldn’t get past. Motorbikes could, I was told in the pub. So, logically, a pushbike could too.slight exaguration


I assumed that because of this the ‘Bridle-Track’, as it is known, would be quiet and traffic-free.
I was wrong.road closed I chose a holiday weekend to ride through the most popular camping spot in a 500km radius (well, so it seemed) Every spot at the river was jam-packed with 4WD’s, tents, kids on cross motors and men with chainsaws (just for firewood… I hope)fiets

Just before the landslide area I ran into Terry. Terry build a house in the valley and was just gathering leaves to burn that evening. I joined him for a cuppa and the fire. And by gathering our supplies we managed to cook a nice meal that evening.Terry burning leaves


Back into the real world and onto real roads with real traffic I decided to stay a night in the masively un-appealing town of Bathurst (note; on a nice day in a good mood it probably is a lovely place…)windmill
Where I was allowed to pitch my tent at the sport-grounds. This same evening a engagement-party was held at the sport-grounds. With no chance of an early night I joined the party 🙂

I cycled up and up and wondered why everything felt a lot harder then I thought it should. Surely one bad night sleep wouldn’t do this to me? The answer came a little later as I said good bye to a young family who’d invited me for lunch; “Don’t you need some air in your tyres?” He shouted as I rode off… ahhh, that explains a lot. Oops.

I do like this part of Australia eventhough at times it seems a little hectic. Like when I came across the Blue Mountains back to Sydney.mist in the blue mountains It was the end of a bank holiday weekend. The lack of shoulders and some sharp little climbs made it slightly hazardous. Maybe the fact I don’t like traffic noice so I cover it with my music and the ungoing drizzle didn’t help… could’ve all together made for an unpleasant experience. A massive traffic jam snaked itself all the way up the mountains. So I happily cycled past the lot, all the while thinking that eventhough it has been said many many times… Surely I’m not the mad one…
Even I sometimes doubt it, like when I had to return 4 times to a massive viewing platform before I could finally see ‘the three sister’ through the mist. I’ve got three sisters myself and can tell you, they look nothing like it.3 sisters

my 3 sistersI had the pleasure to be hosted by Leigh I met a long time ago (well, feb last year) when I stayed at a big motorbike-gathering. A very keen cyclist. He showed me around Sydney on my last visit and now he took me to some beautiful viewpoints and Katoomba. I have to take his word for the beauty of the place because all I saw was clouds… He did accompany me down the mountain on a lovely downhill ride.Katoomba

Now my time in Australia has come to an end. Or, to be more correct, my visa has come to an end.That Bridge
The thing is, I’m not done…


So-this is not “THE END.”the last glimps


9 thoughts on “Not The End

  1. Well I asume you left a marker on the spot where your next journey through Australia has to continue? It’s a pitty the visa has ended, why can’t they grant you a special visa until the end of your journey? Good luck with trying to adapt to the European lifestyle where everything is hurry, hurry, hurry and all that stressed things… Been enjoying your 4 years of adventure stories… I hope your bikes did as well

  2. you’ve been to Bathurst without seeing the V8 races?! you missed something. anyhow many people apply for a student visa to extend their travels with half a year.
    i like the pics, you have developed an eye for it

  3. Hoi Mirjam, wat heb je weer een mooi verhaal en mooie foto’s geplaatst! Helemaal jouw stijl. We hebben grote bewondering voor de vele duizenden fietskilometers die je hebt afgelegd, en we zijn zeer benieuwd naar het vervolg, want als jij zegt NOT THE END, dan komt er vast nog meer…

  4. Hi Mirjam, have thoroughly enjoyed reading your travel stories every time. You still have to see the best part of Australia, and that’s Queensland, so you will have to come back to finish the job. Plus we were looking forward to seeing you. Enjoy your time back home, and say hello to all the family for me. Hurry back.

  5. Hi Mirjam,
    I have just read your last four blogs – lots of reading but oh so interesting and the photos are wonderful as usual.
    Sorry I haven’t contacted you for ages but my computer just went heywire and lots of times couldn’t get onto the net.
    Now have a new one to learn! So far so good.
    Your Dad sent an email to say you are back home (for a little while any way).
    Granny Isabel has been in Melbourne for the last two weeks. She left us in Sydney after we’d been together for four days sight seeing and attending Andre Rieu’s marvellous concert.
    No doubt we will catch up next week for a coffee and have a good long chat as there’s lots to talk about.
    Enjoy your break but I can’t see you staying still for too long when you still have plenty of the big wide world to explore.
    Will you come back to see more of OZ?
    We have heaps of fun memories of your time with us. Firstly meeting you in Ireland and then you cycling into our WA town three years later is still mind boggling! We love it!
    Bye for now,
    Granny Shirley on behalf of Granny Gerry, and Granny Isabel. xxx 🙂

  6. Truely beautiful, as usual my dear! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEKEND!!! and catch up in person .. oh my! We will dance SOOO hard 🙂
    Love ya!

  7. The Three Sisters montage is just gorgeous!!! That made me laugh out loud. Well, Miss Mirjam, we know you always land on your feet and if you don’t manage to get another Aussie visa I know your Plan B will be just as full of photo opportunities, colour, life & love & laughter. You’re dancing like nobody’s watching xx

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