About Peter

I’ve come across many people on my travels, but not too often do you meet someone you can call a true friend.

Peter was.

I’ve spent a good bit of time with him over the past months and I’ve been shocked to get the devastating news his life has been taken by two great white sharks last week.

All I can say is I’m happy I knew him for the short time I did.

in his own words;

As far as we know, life comes around only once, so get out there and embrace it. Try and make a positive contribution to humanity/ the world and for goodness sake, don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself and don’t swallow all you are fed without asking questions

He sure did. His passion was the ocean and all that’s in it…

He lived his life the way he wanted and I am proud to have been a small part of it.

His family and friends are in my thoughts in this difficult time.


Peter, we haven’t finished talking,

I will see you when I get there…

in the meantime I will embrace life.


The Biggest Hug.



Memorial services will be held for Peter;  

Saturday 5th March,  2 PM, Edwardstown Baptist Church, ST MARYS, SA
Tuesday 8th March, 2 PM, Fishermans Memorial, Lincoln Cove Marina, then the Port Lincoln Yacht Club, PORT LINCOLN, SA
Sunday 13th March, 2 PM, Esperance Bay Yacht Club, ESPERANCE, WA


8 thoughts on “About Peter

  1. Hey Mirjam,

    wat is het leven hard soms en oneerlijk. Zo te lezen heeft Peter geleefd zoals hij dat graag wilde. Wellicht is dat een troost, hoe schraal ook.

    Houd je taai!



    (je persoonlijke helpdesk destijds)

  2. I knew Peter well when I was working for SA Fisheries in Pt Lincoln during the late 80’s.
    A gentleman and a downright decent chap.
    Deeply saddened by his passing.

  3. Hi Mirjam,

    Words fail me at a time like this…
    But Peter was one of the best.
    He talked about you a lot when I stayed with him in October. He really liked you & spending time with you. I am very sorry for you.

    I simply cannot believe he is gone. He became a good friend these last five years especially since last October. We talked all the time about diving & our shell finds etc. I am devestated. A great loss to his family, friends & to science.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hoi Mirjam

    Sterkte bij het verwerken van dit verlies. Het lijkt me dat hij een gewéldige man was! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je blij bent dat je hem gekend hebt, maar dat het ook veel verdriet geeft nu. Maar de rijkdom van zijn vriendschap die blijft!
    zijn levensmotto is een hele goede!!

  5. Dear Mirjam,
    My computer has been down so only got back on the internet to see your tribute to your special friend Peter tonight. It is beautiful and what wonderful photos you had taken of him to forever treasure.
    Thank you for calling me from Tassie to tell me about the tragic death of Peter.
    I passed on the sad news to Gerry and Isabel and also rang my sister in law in Esperance. She didn’t know Peter personally but her hairdresser daughter
    Andrea knew him as she used to cut his hair.
    I intend to put a tribute and photo in the next GSA for you as many here know you and the news of Peter was in out papers and on the news.
    He came across as a really nice chap and I am very sad you have lost a great Aussie friend in such tragic circumstances.
    Thinking of you,
    Granny Shirley B

  6. Hi Mirjam
    While still in Tassie we heard from another cyclist that you were returning to the mainland because of Peter’s death. How tragic and we understand your sorrow. Had a look at your blog today for the first time. Looks and sounds great. The offer is still open, anytime you’re in Adelaide. Just give us a call. We are on the southern side of Adelaide. Hang in there girl. Best of luck whereever you go! Cheers
    Petra and Fred

  7. Hi Mirjam

    I spoke to Linda yesterday after a text telling me that Roj her beloved dog died,she also said you had been to see her and told her about your friends tragic death,some comfort I suppose in the fact that as you say he lived life his own way and died doing what he loved.

    Great to see you are still living the dream
    Take care Mike

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