Road Trip!!!


Mum and Dad flew into Perth the 31st.

They don’t fit anywhere on my bike so I arranged a car.the beast

I ‘just’ had to drive it the 500km down from Geraldton.

You might remember I only just got my licence… in Mullewa (population 900) And I drove into a tree during my exam….

So, obviously, this mission made me a little nervous.

Good thing it’s a really big car, so at least people get out of my way.dusty road

I prepared by getting enough fuel, food and drink so I didn’t need to stop anywhere along the way. Just thinking about parking the beast near other cars made me break out in a sweat.

Amazingly I made it to Perth alive and without hitting anything major. I even managed to get to the airport in time (2 hours early… just in case) to pick up Mum & DadMum & Dad

The plan is to drive from Perth to Tasmania.

Because what else would you do in Australia then a massive road trip 😀

But before we set off on the long drive East I showed mum and dad the people & places I like a lot in this part of the world.dusk

The first week felt a bit like a summary of my time here.

Highlights were a trip to the Abrolhos islands,plane to AbrolhosMum & Dad snorkelling the place I spent my 30th birthday, spotting Dolphinsmum in the waterDolphin and showing them ‘my’ beautiful big red tractor.showing them 'my' tractor

And, of course, proudly showing off my tattoo. Did itThat’s right, after going on and on about it for the biggest part of the last 15yrs I finally made up my mind and had it done a week before Mum and Dad flew in 🙂

Lowlight was my new camera breaking so I wouldn’t be able to make a lot of nice pictures on this trip, lucky I’m covered since dad practically lives with a camera in front of his face and I still had my old one too…so pictures on this update are a mixture of our photo’ doesn't like flies

For more detailed descriptions of our ramblings and lots more photos check out my dad’s own blog at www.ingejancees.waarbenjij.nuAboriginal cave-paintingWave Rockweird rockBIG pit, Kalgoorly

It was a pleasure catching up with people around the state and specially the girls in Katanning who showed me the newspaper article (3 pages…!) and took us again to the sale yards for breakfast. with the girls in KatanningThe all ages playground and a sheep farm. I even managed to squeeze in a short radio-interview with the local radio station. (you find the interview under ‘media’)old Enfield

When we did finally start to move eastwards a sign for the ‘Nullarbor Muster’ grabbed my attention. A real and proper outback-spectacle just the next day…camp It didn’t take long to convince mum & dad to change the plan and ride the 400km along a dirt track to Rawlina, the roadwhere we set up camp in the red dirt and joined the crowed at the Bull ridescooking at duskcrowd at the muster Bulll rideand later on in the big tent where an excellent display of line dancing took place (…)party @ the muster

I was fine driving the car over rough roads until the engine started cutting out… Then suddenly you realise you’re pretty far from anywhere so if something goes wrong you’re buggered.the wonders of the Trangia

But, after some nice men checked it over, it seemed nothing but a loose wire was the problem. And since those same nice men where heading in our direction we stayed together with three vehicles until we hit the bitumen. straigth onExactly halfway along the longest straight stretch of road in the world.that long straight stretch

Many hours were spent in the car with me driving, singing along with whatever the mp3-player choose to play, mum reading her book next to me and dad asleep in the back.typical

The signs along the road keep you awake with things like; “drowsy drivers die!”, “arrive alive, share the drive” or “feeling tired? Powernap Now!’” that last one seems like a strange advice since surely, you first want to pull over and stop the engine…?

A lot of people I’ve spoken to tell me it’s boring to drive across the Nullarbor.

I don’t share that view at all. There is a lot to see along the road. I’ve seen a tree full of electrical appliances, a tree full of hats, a tree full of plastic bags… and then they call it the Nullarbor, which means ‘no trees’….

Then you get the road houses where you meet interesting characters and people along the road. 3 cyclist and two guys pulling carts… I am not alone 🙂not alone

It’s impressive country. One day we had lunch right at the edge of Australia where it drops into the ocean and you go with it if you’re not careful.on the edge

For the first two weeks of the trip my mum didn’t believe in kangaroos, sure everywhere there’s signs and she’s seen my pictures. But, I was surprised as well, we really didn’t see any kangaroos ’till halfway down the Nullarbor… Emu’s yes. Parrots and other weird and wonderful birds, yes. Even a few foxes and one Dingo. But Kangaroo’s no… very peculiar indeed.

Every few hundred km the landscape changes from forest to plain flat land to hilly countryside and spacious plains. And then, real sudden it’s back to cultivated land and wheat farms as far as the eye can see.

Just like you’re driving around near Mullewa.

And the further East you get the more ‘civilised’. After grain-country we crossed pretty green hills with wineries and small towns that all look similar and pretty and cute. We didn’t stop in many of those since we were on a mission to get the ferry to Tasmania....

Cruising along the Great Ocean Road we had to stop every 10km or so to walk to a viewpoint and look at the view… 'the Grotto'take a picture and drive 10km down the road to the next viewpoint.12 ApostelsGreat Ocean Road...

At one point we stopped to check out this waterfall. rocks in the oceanAs I, happy to get out of the car for a while, ran down the steps I noticed the big black evil looking snake on the next step just in time. He noticed me too and lifted his head. I jumped back and, luckily, so did the snake. Pfwew. I ran down the next set of steps slightly more carefull and a little shaky.Sand Dune at Fowlers Bayinto the city

We did manage to get to Tasmania where autumn is in full swing.Autumn in full swing

It’s nothing at all like the Australia I’ve got to know the past year. It’s mainly very wet. Pretty. Little lizzardBut very very wet.proper autumn

After a brief visit with relatives in Launceston we set of for the hills with a plan.visiting family

The plan was to go for a walk.a walk in the woods

The plan drowned.'Jacobs Ladder'

Not completely, we did managed to do a little bit of a hike around the ‘Walls of Jerusalem’-national park. And camp down at the most beautiful camp spot this trip down at a lake with lots of dead trees sticking out. In the early morning when everything is covered in a thick fog in a slight drizzle it looks magical. But when the slight drizzle turns into a severe downpour it’s not as wonderful.good spot for my tentA chilly evening ;-)

So we got in our car and I managed to get it back to the road through the wet, slippery and steep slopes. Yay! Finally I got to use the 4WD 😀campfire

Lucky there’s things to do for when it rains, I guess they are prepared in this part of the world… Caves, honey-factories and salmon-farms we’ve done it all…on the hill

Now we only got a few days left together before I drop mum & dad off at the airport in Melbourne from where they start their long trip home.

The only thing for me to do is get the car back to Geraldton. About 5000km. So this road trip ain’t finished yet…

Then I might get a job or maybe even get back on two wheels again… actually…. there might be three wheels this time.

I’ll let you know.they speak funny in Tasmania


6 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!

  1. Hoi Mir,
    Mooie tato zeg! Lijkt sprekend! Knap gemaakt. Geniet nog even van je gezelschap en succes straks die lange weg terug.
    Liefs Karin

  2. Hey JimJam, you looking skinny girl! Lucky your Mama and Papa came over there to fatten you up! Great pics as always, the tattoo is bold and great – your own design of course. Good luck for the next chapter. xxx

  3. Hi Miriam,
    We have been closely watching your progress since leaving Katanning and you have been the talk of the town since your visit and the publication of the Great Southern Advocate No. 24! The Three grannies share the front cover with you ….remember the photo Pam took of us all on bikes in the car park? Then inside there’s a feature article on pages 4 – 9!!!
    I gave a copy to each class at St Patrick’s school so they can read about your adventures for themselves and check it out on your website.
    Gerry is back from Melbourne and the three of us have had a ‘catch up’ with more planned including a sheepyard canteen breakfast and coffee at Gerry’s place to share the bikkie gift.
    Thank you so much for our gifts….I just love my clogs but don’t want to get them dirty.
    Saw Gerry at the 11am ANZAC service today and then saw Joan O’H at the 3pm service in Kojonup and she asked after you.
    All too soon your mum and dad will be flying home….what an exciting experience they have had with you.
    I had to get Chris M to read my Dutch emails for me re your book you ordered for me. It’s complete …just waiting for it to arrive. So many people want to see it…..perhaps I could rent it out :)!
    Loved the next chapter your new story…Tassie sounds great. I may get there some day.
    Bye for now , take care and I hope your find some interesting passengers to accompany you on your long drive back to the west.
    From the three Katanning granies!

  4. Hi Mirjam sounds like you enjoyed your road trip east. My sister went to Tassi last year and the photo’s are stunning. It was a bit cold though as it was down near Hobart in winter Brrrrr.

  5. Hoi Mirjam,

    Je welkomsttekst is een stuk beter te lezen op die wat lichtere achtergrond.
    Al een beslissing genomen wat je gaat doen?
    We lezen het wel,



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