In a winter-ish wonderland

WOW! How come I never knew how amazingly beautiful Switzerland is!?view from kitchen window

Hans came to collect me in Como where I spent about 2 hours feeding the pigeons in front of the cathedral which did amuse me and a horde of under 5 year olds.
My nose was glued against the car window as we drove around the area and down to Luzern. It made me wish I was cycling here. I even saw a proper Milka-cow! Apart from the colour… and the logo… but still!chocolate cow

I’ve been staying here waiting for a package to arrive from Holland. I’d expected it to be here before me and was planning to stay 2 or 3 days. But it’s still not here now and I really have to get going tomorrow. So I hope it be here then. But hey, there’s worse places to be hanging around!Luzern

I’m in Andermatt, it looks like a picture out of a fairytale with its cobbled streets and colourful wooden houses. Also its a ski-resort with some of the best free ride skiing in Europe, or so I’ve been told. This means crazy people like Hans drop themself down mountains, jumping over rocks and cliffs and doing mad dangerous stuff.Hans freeride I had a go at it myself, not the free ride, I’m happy when I get down the piste in one piece… And I did! I have to say it is good fun. It only seems a little pointless to me to go up a hill and back down.. and up again and back down…and off I go... I would rather actually go somewhere. Maybe cross-country is more for me, I’ll give it a go next time.whoohoo!!!

I did get up another mountain all by myself the other day. I just wondered where the road I can see out of the kitchen window would lead to, so I took the bike and cycled up. Till I could go no further cause the road was covered in snow. hard cyclingSo I walked. That wasnt all that easy either I was up to my middle in the snow at times. But then I reached the highest windmill in the world! O yeah 😎 It stands at 2344 meter.. you know we dutch like our windmills 😉little person, big hill

And the weather has completely turned! Its sunny and hot! How wonderful to sit outside in the sun enjoying a coffee or ice cream. Feels just a little strange to be walking around in flip-flops and shorts while there’s still snow on the side of the roads.

It’s been a great little holiday and I havent eaten this well since I worked with Doris, O.. did I mention Hans is a chef too? Hasse in his multicoloured ski-suitthat’s why. So different from pasta with tuna and cheese 🙂 Been fun to be here with all them mad snow freaks… But I’m looking forward to be back on the bike again. I’ll start cycling again from Como tomorrow. So from the Confederatio Helvetica I wish you all a lovely evening.Swan in Luzern


10 thoughts on “In a winter-ish wonderland

  1. Hoi Mir,

    Leuk om zo te volgen waar je zit en mee te genieten van de uitzichten, de foto’s zijn mooi! Het lijkt erg ver weg, die sneeuw. Hier is alles goed, lekker weer. Liefs, Karin en Michiel

  2. Hallo Mirjam,
    het is fantastisch dat we ook kunnen meegenieten, en van jouw fietsprestaties maar ook zeer zeker van de prachtige foto’s die je maakt,het is een geweldig avontuur wat je aan het beleven bent.
    Tot zover weer bedankt en veel fietsgenoegen. Tante Riet (Maassluis)

  3. heej mirjam, wat een prachtig mooie koe! En de rest van de omgeving trouwens ook; erg mooi!
    succes er weer mee, na je korte onderbreking,

  4. Hello from Grenoble: Switzerland is great, we too like going there. And now biking again in Italy: from Padova to Venice it’s also great…

  5. Een mooie koe is natuurlijk nog geen pony maar goed, toch 3 schitterende foto’s met’n beest er op deze keer dus mij hoor je niet klagen…

  6. Lucky you slowed down a little cos we were thinking you might be back round to Derry for the August silly Season otherwise. Happy to see another swan/duck pic making it into your top 20! Switzerland looks dreamy… xxx

  7. PS Larry asked after you about 5 times. Also Neil from the Chemist, Monica from nextdoor, Decky, Ruari & the girly from McLaughlins Hardware… also Alison and Regan and Aussie Rob and Stephan the Sex Therapist!

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