Let’s keep moving!

I thought about the most logical continuation of the trip.

So a few days ago I landed in Iceland.


But not after spending a couple of months in the low countries.


My time in the Netherlands was well spent.


Getting to know my new nieces and nephews was wonderful, and maybe this time there won’t be another 3 years until I see them again.

They might’ve seemed a little wary at first with this weird lady they have to call ‘Tante‘ (Auntie)


The ice melted quickly.

I then took my bike for a spin,

and visited her birthplace, theMulticycle factory in Ulft, where she got a big service.


She’s now as new, and ready for more adventures!

I rode past some iconic Dutch places,


Where I met a young Aussie/Kiwi-couple travelling Europe. I thought I’d showed them around a little and got us lost in no time at all.

Lucky they knew where they were going.

It’s lovely cycling through this windmill-wonderland.


I got a small surprise as cycling along I suddenly came across a huge pipeline over the bicycle path. Of course there would’ve been a way around it, but not one to turn back I decided to climb over a bridge and crawl under the line to continue along the other side.


I discovered ‘we’ are just as friendly as most other nations I rode my bike through. From old men cycling along having a chat to farm ladies inviting me in for coffee and giving me candy for the road.

Farm Lady

 Even managed to squeeze in a jolly camping weekend in the mud with the Dutch/Belgium bicycle touring club (de Wereldfietser)
And ended up with our southern neighbours.
After travelling in Japan & Korea one thing I really notice over here is a complete lack of public toilets.
But, as Wilfred explained to me, in Belgium it’s the law that you’re allowed to ring any doorbell to ask if you can use the toilet.
And nobody is supposed to refuse.
I did not try.
Instead I squat in the scrub.
I caught up with my friends and realised nothing really changed since 1996….
The old crew

This was my first Xmas, B’day and New Years “at home” this century (!)

Not all cycling is easy in The Netherlands, here you can get some serious headwinds too.

the Dyke

Particularly riding along the dikes in the flevopolder.

I wanted to go there to visit relatives.


So that I did.

I had dinner with my grandparents,

bij Opa en Oma

went cycling with my sisters family,

Peter and the kids

and stayed over with cycling-colleagues Lars, who had a slightly unfortunate encounter with a river in South America last year and is now missing a leg, and Shane.

Who just got back from an ice-cold ride in Canada.

Lars & Shane

I have some great news:

Dutch bicycle clothing- and bag manufacturer AGU has decided to give me some of their gear to try out. So after a 10-year relationship with my tried and tested Ortlieb panniers, I’m going for a brand new shiny pair of AGU Qyoto Panniers. This is actually the first time in my bicycling career that I have brand new bags! And not just that, also shorts, shirts, helmet & shoes…

I’m very excited and my brother-in-law of D&R Fotografie managed to shoot some awesome pictures of me all ready to roll!

My mum and dad came along to Schiphol airport to say goodbye. Again.

With dad

Just after leaving this article was printed in my local newspaper, ‘de stentor’


So far Iceland is hilarious. I’ve encountered some awesome hospitality as Simon, who cycled halfway around the world, has given me the use of his apartment while he is away working in Norway: “O and talk about beer, if you have intrest to it is ready for you in the cooler in my apartment”

IMG_3694He said. Nice.

There’s (almost) nothing left to do but get on my bike and ride.

If only every other person would stop telling me I’m gonna die that would help a lot.

There really is nothing to worry about.

Except the weather….

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19 thoughts on “Let’s keep moving!

  1. Aha, dat is snel. Mooie foto’s zoals altijd. En nu dus straks op weg in IJsland; we zijn benieuwd!

    pap & mam.

  2. OMG! Everyone in your photos looks so Dutch 🙂 It makes me think of my family in Holland and memories of visiting my Opa, Oma, Tantes and Ooms when I was a child.

    I am now following your blog with renewed interest. I have decided to hit the road myself. I have some things I need to finalise here at home (a marriage that has ended after 16 years, a house that needs to be sold, a family business that needs to find and train a new senior employee, gear to buy, some local adventures to be had and research to be done). I should mention that the marriage ending is sad but not angry. My soon ex-wife has told me that I must go travel the world and send her lots of post cards of the places I visit.

    We are in the Year of the Horse, which means that this Goat is ready to embrace my bohemian self to prepare for 2015 – the Year of the Sheep when I hope to set off in June to cycle from my home in Australia through the land of my birth (Holland) to Norway. By the time our house sells, it will probably be only a year before I leave. Enough time to learn which of the Big A’s I want to cycle through (Africa, Asia or the Americas).

  3. Now that I have left Alaska and am now living further south in the state of Washington, I hope you’ll make it to the “lower 48” of the US. Lots of cycling options around here….

  4. Happy to read you have had a great time back home and now are back on the road again! Iceland seems to be a really beautiful choice.

  5. We dachten al, zou ze niet meer….Wel succes in Ijsland. Het is een geweldig land.

    Groetjes, Jans en Ankie Koops. (Nieuw-Zeeland mrt. 2013)

  6. Brilliant as always, so pleased you got to spend some time at home. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Iceland – you should return via London! x

  7. Did you never see the Southern Aurora when you were cycling the Molesworth Station road in winter?
    Yep, I noticed the lack of public toilets in the Netherlands and Germany too.
    What’s with the posing in a cycle helmet after your comments about being caught without one on your last day in Godzone?
    Liked your FB movie, nice music.
    Have a great trip in Iceland, have enjoyed following your other adventures.

  8. Your going to love Iceland!! I was there last summer, and have tried, but so far have failed, to find the time to get back there this winter. I’m hoping to see some great Aurora pics.

  9. Reblogged this on The old man and the triathlon. and commented:
    “If only every other person would stop telling me I’m gonna die that would help a lot.”
    The cyclingdutchgirl has become quite the photo journalist with a sense of humor. Her line probably rings true for many of us who ride and train. Some people do think what we do is unhealthy, from their armchairs in front of the TV.

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