I got to get out of this place…

I have cycled about 200km in the last 5 months. That must be a record for some one on a big bicycle trip πŸ˜€shower

Together with mum, dad, Hans, Ali and Sally (my new best friend for two weeks) I set of on a rafting adventure down the Seti river. A fairly calm and low-grade trip and we were assured nothing could go wrong..
Funny that we went into the first rapid with seven, but came out with six men on board. We’ve lost Ali, who came drifting down behind us, slightly bruised but mainly unscattered. From then on we all held on tightly at every minor rapid and we came through with no further accidents.
We camped on a beach, sang songs around a fire, having a good time as the villagers came down to sing and dance with us..a lizard in Chitwan

And then on to Chitwan with high expectations ’cause of my previous experience. (see: ‘too lazy to backpack’ )Amir, full of jokes and stories
But in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the tigers were asleep. As were the rhino’s. The crocodiles. The birds, deer and boar. We did enjoy the pool at our fancy resort, and riding plus bathing the elephants was great fun.My Dad (on the left)mum & dad, washing a elephant
Sally getting a showerAnd to be fair, I did see two ants, a cockroach, a lizard, a dragonfly and a leaf falling of a tree.dragonfly
I couldn’t help the feeling that the locals we saw on our safari’s, burning down the forest, might have had something to do with the lack of wildlife.Hans, Ali, Mum and Dad

I traveled back to Kathmandu in style, on top of the bus. With my mp-3 player blasting, waving at surprised faces on other buses and singing out loud. I would have danced if I could, but the drive-style in combination with the road conditions stopped me from trying.into Kathmandu

Back in Kathmandu I said ‘good bye’ and ‘see you next year’ (wherever that may be) to my parents.
Sally and me shared a room in the Tibet peace guest house, where we did things girls do. Like painting my toenails bright pink and swapping clothes. (Thanks Sally, Love them trousers!)
One night I woke up from a big thump on the roof, I looked over to see Sally bolt upright looking around. As my first thought was a cat jumped on the roof, she reckoned it to be a vampire πŸ™‚

And then, after 5 months, finally time to try my bicycle again…in the rice paddy
My chain needs a bit of adjusting, but it also works if I kick it with my right foot while peddling with my left. Almost always.
Except the one time I was going a bit too slow uphill and ‘forgot’ my left foot was strapped in. So I slowly fell straight into one of them real deep gutters they got around here…
Slightly embarrassed I looked around, lucky no one had seen it. But a bus was coming my way so I nonchalant pretended just to stop for a sip of water. With my bike up side down in the gutter.. :-s
As I pulled it out the saddle came off. Lucky there’s nothing duck tape wont fix.a priest at his temple

I almost forgot how different it is when you’re cycling. I love the way people react. Smiling and waving, the bus-boys hanging out of doors and windows to give me the thumbs-up πŸ™‚
And when you stop at places you wouldn’t normally, people show a natural and generous interest.
I discovered my camping gear still works as I tried it in a massive storm at the river side. Only got a little wet. But it’s hot so it dries in no time.

Rainy season is on the doorstep. Every day now it starts pissing down in the afternoon. It won’t be long before monsoon’s here. I’ll be in India.
It’s that ‘planning-thing’… or the lack of it to be precise.
Summer in Iran, winter in Tibet and monsoon in India…Ah well, it be boring if I did it the easy way πŸ˜‰

I planned to be in Pokhara in two days time. But nothing ever goes as planned. On the 2nd day I stopped 34km before Pokhara at Devendra’s roadside restaurant & hotel. Devendr's placeA bicycle-enthusiast who’s got a Giant himself. He told me to stay there so I pitched my tent in the garden and sat inside as another wall of rain swept past.A girl and the tap

In the evening a ‘important’ police men (he told me himself and it was confirmed a few times through the evening that he was, indeed, very important..) invited me to have lunch with him and his wife. a very important police men and his Daal BhatSo I left the next morning, not having paid for either accommodation, the food or drinks;”You are my friend! It is complimentary, come tomorrow for lunch!”
So I cycled the 5km to the Important-police-men’s house and got told how to eat dhal bhat (local dish of lentil soup, rice, vegetables and sometimes chicken that people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. EVERY day) properly. Kneading it with you right hand and scoop it in your mouth, it’s a bit of an art, I need some practice. Half the meal ended on my face and the floor.
I got the chance to practice again at Devendra’s place the next day when I took down my darling bullet.
It’s not easy-going back to a bicycle ones you’ve had an engine.kid
He also decided to take me on a side-seeing trip to a waterfall that appears in a video clip his brother made. To Bandipur, a traditional Mewari village. And a ‘concert’ in some town where women and men in traditional dress where singing traditional songs while others danced the traditional dances.hammock Or just drank beer. When we walked in everybody looked and even the people on stage ‘Namaste-ed’ me.local pub

Now I am, it might not come as a surprise, in Pokhara. I put my tent up on a roof and so far it seems waterproof-ish. But I have got a plan. Since China is no option, and neither is Burma.getting (to) comfy in Pokhara
I’ll cycle to Varanasi, on to Calcutta and cross to Thailand.
Or something like that.big tree


13 thoughts on “I got to get out of this place…

  1. Hoi Mirjam,
    Tsja, dat is dan wel weer een eind trappen, in die hitte.. Zal ook wel weer wennen. Leuk om nu foto’s te zien van bekende plekken! Die met die olifant (op rechts…) is ook wel grappig.:-)
    Doe iedereen die we kennen daarginds de groeten, en we lezen wel weer wat je uiteindelijk gaat doen.

    papa & mama.

  2. Hi Miriam!

    I am Mukti, the Austrian guy you met in Buchara/Usbekistan. We were drinking beer together with Guenther from Graz/Austria. I am in Kathmandu right now. What about drinking a beer together here?

    See you and have a nice trip!

  3. Zeker lache, die foto met die olifant. Vooral het commentaar……”on the left”

    πŸ˜‰ ga je goed Mir.

  4. Lieve Mirjam.nu gaan we weer de mailtjes
    naar jou sturen.Het was best wel even wennen nu je ouders weg zijn,maar je kan nu weer gewoon gaan doen wat je altijd van plan was,fietsen.Het zijn weer de mooiste foto,s die je hebt gemaakt.Zondag komen je ouders hier en dinsdag gaan we naar de verjaardag van je moeder.Het lijkt zo kort geleden dat je stond te zingen maar toch een jaar.Vast gefeliciteerd met haar verjaardag.We wensen je een goede reis en ook de groeten en een dikke knuffel van ons allebei,oma.

  5. He Mirjam!
    Wat leuk om je verhalen te volgen! En dat je weer in Pokhara bent riep bij mij ook weer heerlijke herinneringen op! Ik zit nog steeds in Ghana, maar ga half juni voor een aantal weken naar Nederland… Misschien zie ik Debby daar weer!

    Veel liefs!


  7. Hi Mirjam,
    This is ur best friend ( As u said )named Krishna from T P G house. How r u ther in Pokhara. Hope u r in great pleasure time.But here we missed u very much. I wish may fulfill ur desire n see u soon here.
    At last this TPG house thankful to you for your kindness that you supported guest house promotion job through by net n specially website Cyclingdutchgirl.com
    well, Mirjam
    I wana remidn u that in near furure we two r going to open Nepal youth hostel in Nepal.

  8. Hoi chick
    So jealous of you right now. Trying to run a business through winter drought and do all marketing etc in hope of a huge boom in the summer. Would so rather be travelling in Nepal/India. Still… great that your mum and dad made it over!!! How cool are they?
    Anyway, thinking of you. Even looked up chords for a Dolly Parton song for guitar the other day but I figured my rendition was disgraceful compared with Ms Parton’s so left it alone. πŸ™‚
    Loves ya. Catriona.

  9. Hee lieve Mirjam!
    Toen we wegreden zijn we daarna niet meer uitgegleden hoor πŸ˜‰ Maar we zaten wel te mokken dat het best zonde was dat we alweer weggingen-net nu we jullie hadden ontmoet! Het was net zo gezellig!
    Bedankt voor je Bardia-tip-zonder twijfel de piek van Nepal. Lekker zwemmen in de sloot met alle kindertjes, vreemde insecten en paradijsvogels.
    Ben nieuwsgierig of je het ritme weer te pakken hebt op je fietsie-wat een temperaturen… We zitten nu koel en droog in India. Liefs Maartje

  10. hey, je bent al opgeklommen naar positie 355 op reisreporter.nl! Echt leuk, je mooiste foto’s zo bij elkaar.
    Hopelijk zie ik je vandaag nog even op msn,

  11. hi friend how u doing i liked ur photo u lying asleep on the big tree just don’t fall i am not there this time if u fall(ha…..)
    it would have been better u if i could have brought hammok for u so u too can enjoy like little kid in the village.

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