Too lazy to backpack

It is much better for me to be on the road, have places to go and things to, a backpacker
If I don’t I can easily spend days on end drinking coffee and reading books on rooftop terraces. Nothing wrong with that, really, but I’ve got the feeling I need to get moving again.
I just can’t be bothered with checking timetables and sorting out tickets, I’d rather jump on my bike and go. Since I left my bicycle in Kathmandu this is a little difficult. So the only thing I could think of is get myself a motorbike! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not that I haven’t had a good time the last month, and I even managed to squeeze in a few sight-seeing trips. I’ve discovered the bat-cave in Pokhara where millions of scary little bats hang upside down from the ceiling although I’m still in doubt they were alive. I didn’t see any bat-poo and they never moved…Bat-cave
With Margot ( ) I rented a motorbike and discovered I haven’t forgotten how to ride yet.
But finally we managed to leave Pokhara behind and moved on to Chitwan national park, together with Don and Mick on their bikes. We rode an elephant through the jungle and spotted all sorts of wildlife, from pretty little birds pretty little Kingfisherto Big Fat Rhinos.Elephant safari It amazed me how close we could get to the animals. They react differently when you’re sitting on an elephant.bathing timeoh Deer!

But on the question ‘What’ve you been up to today?’, most days my answer would’ve been something like: ‘Oh well, I read a book, went for lunch, had a coffee…’

So, I decided to join Margot to India. One small obstacle was the fact that I had no visa. So with Mick I raced up and down to Kathmandu to sort this out while he got his Pakistani visa. That's us on the road(He’s been riding all around the world for 16months now, started off in Scotland and has been everywhere since. On his way home from here, check out his site I could check up on my bicycle, still there getting a little dusty… Before we met up with Don and Margot on the border. It sounds a little easier than it was.

We stupidly said to each other how surprisingly smooth our whole plan was going… Mistake…
As soon as we arrived at the Indian embassy a note on the door informed me I wouldn’t be able to pick up my passport until 16.30 the next day. With a bunch of people who were gonna miss flights because of this I waited till some important person came to talk to us. Apparently the ‘visa-print-machine’ had broken down, but I managed to get mine in the morning so we could still make it to the border… Bit annoyed they didn’t give me multiple entry as I asked but well.
About 40km out of Kathmandu the bike broke down. A bit of workWe needed to take off the whole back to reach some annoying little screws in difficult to reach places, but 4hours and 4dirty hands later we fixed it! and were good to continue. Riding in the dark on those windy Nepalese roads with potholes everywhere, trucks with no lights and buses smashed up on the side… brilliant craic!whats going on there...

As we left Mick and Don in Nepal, Margot and I crossed the border into India, it didn’t seem like a real border, the first one without my bicycle… And again, no one asking for passports or visa, completely different from central Asia it is here.Nepalese lady

We were well surprised by the lack of attention we got, no one wanted to hassle, stare at, or rob us. After all the horror stories we’ve heard about India, it was a little disappointing.
No sweat finding a bus to take us to a train, except it stopped and we had to continue in a rickshaw before we even reached Ghorapur. Apparently the bridge was about to collapse and the bus was too heavy… Relieved that the bridge didn’t collapse on us we got to the train station, now all we needed to do was get a ticket to Delhi. How hard can that be…

In Holland you put your card in a machine, tell it where you wanna go and within a few secs there’s your ticket. Not so in India.
We found a counter that said ‘tourist, ladies and journalist’. But when we asked for sleeping class tickets we were told the train was booked, but if we’d just go across to the other end of the hall there would be a counter where we could buy ‘regular class’ tickets, which we should be able to upgrade. Stepping over people we managed to get across to the other end and get the tickets. Back at the first counter they told us to upgrade them we had to go to a special place at the platform. When we found this place we first had to find out (at another desk) if the train would be on time… After confirming this, our tickets got upgraded. And the train was late.

But hey, we did find our places in the train fairly easy and again we were not hassled, drugged or robbed. Although, a nice Korean men in our carriage had his sleeping bag cut open and lost his money and drivers licence.
19 Hours later we got out in Delhi where a rickshaw took us to our hostel and we slept. Since we’ve been here I met up with Teus-Jan (remember, we met before in Iran!) And Mick, who made it down as well.

So what’ve I been up to in Delhi? … well, I wondered around, had some lunch, a coffee, read a book on a rooftop terrace…. you know, the usual…

O yes, and we got ourselves a motorbike, It's serious business...or two motorbikes actually. 2 beautiful Royal Enfields! Together with Margots friend Rjimke who arrived a few days ago, we’re gonna head out and DO something…
I’ll let you know what when I get back.



17 thoughts on “Too lazy to backpack

  1. Hee Mirjam! Leuk om weer een nieuw bericht te lezen. Zรณ vers van de pers dat de foto’s er nog niet eens bij staan..
    Heel veel plezier straks op de motor, kus!

    (en tot april ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    papa & mama.

  2. Dag lieve Mirjam!

    Leuk weer wat van je te lezen. En eindelijk in een land waar ik ook geweest ben. Hebben ze ook nog een speciaal loket in het treinstation voor ‘freedom fighters’?

    Heel veel plezier met je motor! Die Enfields zijn gaaaaf! Ik wil er wel een foto van zien natuurlijk.


  3. Altijd leuk, nieuwe verhalen. Ook gezellig je weer even op de msn tegen te komen. lekker motorrijden straks, geniet ervan,

  4. The picture of the little girl is soooooo beautiful WOWWWWWWWWWW ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great to read a new story!
    Hope you’ll enjoy India & driving a motorbike in stead of driving a normal bike ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Drive savely

  5. Hee!

    Nice talking to you on msn!
    So….now you can see I catched up with the reading…don’t stick too long in that delhi internetcafe :>

  6. lieve Mirjam fijn weer iets te horen en wat een mooie foto,s we zijn blij dat het nog prima met je gaat en je ziet heel veel,maar doe voorzichtig met de motor,het gaat wel wat sneller,veel liefs een knuffel van ons beiden,oma

  7. Hoi Mirjam wat gaaf dat je nu op een enfield door India gaat! Wij hebben er zeker van genoten! We hebben ook geprobeerd een maandje te backpacken in Indonesie maar vonden er niet zoveel aan, haha ja op de fiets heb je gewoon veel meer vrijheid, nooit wachten op de bus of trein en nooit onderhandelen met riksja chauffers, pffff ja alleen dat al is erg vermoeiend, we blijven dus maar heerlijk fietsen! Heel veel plezier in India! Grtoetjes Wim en peet (

  8. He mirjam! hoop dat alles goed gaat met jou en de motor. Ik zit nog in Rishikesh. Na het weekend kom ik weer in Delhi, zodat ik daar mijn visa kan ophalen,Insallah. En jullie? nog plannen om naar Delhi te komen? Wat zijn Micks plannen? k wil wel een stuk met hem op rijden,maar nog geen antwoord over de mail… x


  10. Hai Mirjam,

    Ik zal zwaaien als ik over India vlieg!!!

    Hoe is India per motor? Ik blijf je volgen, maar dan vanaf de andere kant van de wereld.

    Moet ik Australie al waarschuwen voor je komst? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. He dat is grappig, ik was in november in Jordanie en ontmoette daar een ouder Engels koppel die in een busje reisden. Ze hadden het over jou en nu zoek ik op de site van de wereldfietser en kom ik je weer tegen. Ikzelf ben nu aan het rondfietsen in Laos, een echte aanrader: veel natuur en weinig verkeer, een mooie combinatie. En ook hele lieve mensen. Je gezicht komt me heel bekend voor, heb je in Amsterdam gewoond? Of misschien heb je wel een typisch Nederlands meisjes gezicht. Nou nog veel fietsplezier.



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