Rock ‘n Roll !!!

Ok, ok… so I promised you’d get rid of me for a while, but would you look at that! Here, in the middle of nowhere on the Afghan border, I found internet.

the view from my tent

Figured I might as well use it… I’ve been following the border for a few days feeling lucky I’m on the Tajik site ’cause the road on the other site looked worse, and there where some explosion that nearly made me fall of my bike… It didn’t though…
But the little thingy from my shoe, that gets stuck in the little thingy from my peddle did. I can do nothing but fall over when that happens, usually when I go REALLY slow and on a road existing just of rocks and sand and usually to the left. With the result of my left knee being about three times the size of my right one…

So now I have a day off in Khorugh at the same day as my dads 56th birthday… Happy birthday dad!

But the area is great! Big BIG mountains and rivers and little green oasis where there’s always a small cafe to enjoy some Lagman or a pot of tea (no coffee..). I love the way people have the little sit/sleep areas outside where you can chill for a few hours when it’s hot or I’m tired. I’m gonna build me one when I get back.

It gets a bit confusing sometimes telling people where I’m from, the Netherlands is ‘Galandia’ in Russian. But when I say this people often reply with ‘ah Galandia!… America?’ Or they assume for the rest of the conversation I’m from Colombia…. Sometimes just to keep things interesting I’m from Ireland, Sweden, Canada or Zimbabwe…

Sitting at a cafe with about 25 Tajik Truck drivers I got a bit tired of the music, don’t get me wrong I like the music and the dancing looks great! Just not ALL the time EVERYWHERE. It seems to be all people watch and listen to. So I got out my music and introduced them to Dolly Parton ๐Ÿ˜€ Try to explain them who she is…

Today I REALLY annoyed myself, going through my bags I discovered I’ve put the two things I shouldnt put together in the same stuff bag… One is my trangia-cooker-cleaning-device (with a strong magnet) Two is, you guess if you followed my blog, my *** bankcard…. AGAIN! How stupid can one be… well obviously. Very.
But I’ve just been to a bank, fearing the worse. and as if a miracle it’s still working! Magic! I’m gonna have to try to be more carefull from now on.

Do you know that feeling? That extremely euphoric feeling you get when everything is just SO beautiful? And that without drugs (even though I’m on the biggest smugglers route..) It’s back!
All I need is a bicycle and a couple of mountains…

nice country difficult road

Rock ‘n Roll !!!!


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17 thoughts on “Rock ‘n Roll !!!

  1. Wauw beautiful pics!! I want to go there…….but hee, I organized a ride on the Via Romana next weekend with 18 other cyclists :> See my weblog Miriam, you know how to find it.

    Have a nice ride girl!!!

  2. Ohhh yeah… we really miss Dolly in the hostel every morning!

    Everybody in Derry says hello, God she’s a tough chick (Kerry!), Good on her, Brave girl etc.

    Love to you from us all xxxxx

  3. So Mirjam, on your trip there happens so many thinks, good and no good, your card that you blockt and o wonder it still works, try to explane Dolly Parton, you only must tell the girl with the big ?????? and they know what you mean. than the road what you mean road, you can write a big book about your adventures. Be carefull the following time and keep strong, the foto’s are very nice and I’m looking for your next trip. Do you stopped with the Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan?
    Mirjam all the best and keep it coll.
    Regards Riet Souรซr.

  4. Hey zus, ik was maar weer eens je weblog aan het lezen, en alle geinige reacties. Geinig hoor. Hier begint de herfst. Ben benieuwd waar je bent. Ik heb nog niet een huis gekocht.
    Dikke kus, Esther

  5. hallo mirjam, via Marijke aan je weblog gekomen en nu over je fietstocht gelezen. Wat een reis zeg, terwijl wij dachten je te kunnen opzoeken in Ierland zit jij weet ik niet waar.
    we dachten al dat Europa voor jou te klein zou worden en je reizen wereldwijd zou gaan maken. Leuk om zo weer iets van je te weten en houd je taai.
    Hartelijke groeten van ons uit Dronten.

  6. Hey Mirjam you’re amazing
    the last few times i’ve tried to write a comment for you it’s failed. and i don’t know why because the error message is in Dutch! Hope this gets through.
    I’m in Mongolia at the mo… so close, yet so far. will have to meet up another time I guess…
    good luck getting into CHina!

  7. Hey Mirjam- wow, wow,the good luck fairy must be looking after you, thank goodness.
    The food looks pretty good1Good luck with your crossing into China. Go girl, go Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey I saw The Police recently – they still rock!

    Keep on trucking


  8. Hi Mirjam,
    wow, what an awesome and liberating experience your travels must be… I love your blog and am hanging out for your next post! Cheers

  9. Was just a matter of time till you would start to spread the wholy message of Dolly to this part of the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Always love to read of your travels.
    Helps remember how many facettes life has.

    All the best, my little crazy dancing girl


  10. Heej Mirjam!!

    Ik hoorde vorige week van mn pa dat je de wereld aan het rond fietsen bent!!
    Vandaag hoorde ik echter van een oude buurman over je trieste ervaring in Iran en dat je hier een dagboek bijhoud.
    Ik wil je laten weten dat ik veel bewondering heb voor je moed en natuurlijk voor deze indrukwekkende reis. RESPECT!!

    Geniet, be safe, stay blessed…

    lieve groet,

  11. Do you remember us, two french people, we met us in Pag island, in Croatia. We are often watching at your blog and we say: “chapeau la jeune Hollandaise and good luck

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