On the road again!

OK, im not in Turkmenistan yet, but I should be soon.

I’ve spent 10 great days in Holland and it wasn’t easy leaving again. SistersFirst of all since I arrived on the airport with a whole lot of luggage and half the family (well, grandparents and Esther) when I discovered there weren’t any flights to Tehran that day….
After close inspection of my ticket i discovered I flew Friday. Not thursday as I had thought since the woman at the travel agency in Tehran told me I’d fly back on thursday…..

So, back to Apeldoorn with the lot and try again the next day. This time my mum came along, thursday it was my dad. So they both had a change to say goodbye at the airport….
And this time I was really leaving. It was different from all the other times I’ve left the Netherlands before… Normally I’m happy but this time a little sad, looking at my country disappear.

I was greeted at the airport by Mr Henk from the Dutch embassy, he came to check if I would come into Iran ok. I had to get a tourist visum at the airport which can be a hassle. But everything went smoothly and we went back to his house where I’ve been staying since I got back. Except the night when I went back to my friends who helped me so much last time to thank them and give them some presents from Holland.

Especially the ‘drop’ was a success… they tried it and said politely they liked it… but their face said different 🙂 After not too long they admitted they couldn’t stand the stuff and think we (the dutch) are all mad. I’ve given them a book about the Netherlands as well and looking through we came across a chapter about Anne Frank…. They’ve never heard of her! I didn’t think that possible but the Iranian government doesnt recognise the holocaust. They’ve got written in their passport that they’re not allowed to go to ‘occupied Palestine’.

Now. I must get to the Turkmen border quickly since my visa there starts the 15th. My plan was to catch an overnight train to Mashhad and cycle from there… easy. But nothing is ever easy in Iran. So I have discovered that ALL trains are fully booked and ALL flights as well. Might have something to do with the petrol sanctions. So I rang the bus station and they told me there is still a seat available but I can’t bring luggage bigger then 80cm… So that wasn’t an option.
But someone from the embassy rang again and he managed to get me the seat anyway, just pay a bit extra for my bike. So I’ll be on the bus this evening (15 hours!) Men I HATE busses… why you think I cycle.Beppie, Henk and Mr Ambassador

I’ve spent the day yesterday scrubbing and repairing my bicycle and trying to put some new front pannier racks on it. Theyre not the same as my old ones but at the bike shop they said it was easy… at the bike shop they said you couldn’t go wrong… Henk and me struggled with it for about two hours and finally managed but we’ve got some leftover parts and had to use some other screws then came with the racks…

So. I’m happy to get going again but feel a little nervous too.
I did bring a whole lot of coffee so can’t go wrong there. Lets go!

24 thoughts on “On the road again!

  1. Ondertussen vast al op je fiets, al spierpijn? 🙂 Heel veel plezier en succes met de woestijn and may the force be with you!

  2. Hi Mir,

    Time is on your side
    Try and than you might
    See the beauty in life
    Happyness, tenderness is nearby…

    Blijf lekker zingen!!!

    Een spreuk van Don Bosco:
    ‘blij zijn, goed doen, en laat dan de vogels maar fluiten’

    Groetjes en een mooie reis,

  3. Nou Mir,

    Fijn te horen dat je goed aangekomen bent, het gelukt is met je visum en dat je alles weer op de rit hebt! Zet hem op en geniet ervan. Lekker fietsen en af en toe een bakkie.
    Hier alles goed; echo was leuk! Alles zit erop en aan en het beweegt al lekker. leuk om die handjes te zien bewegen!
    Liefs en een knuffel uit Haarlem, groetjes Karin

  4. Heya
    So glad you went home and so glad you’ve gone back to the road. Just follow your heart and you’ll always find the right thing to do.
    You know we always thinking about you and you have a million people who care.
    Take care and keep cycling.

  5. hi mirjam sorry I didn’t get to speak to you on the phone, glad you are back on the road and doing what makes you happy, we are in your nicely painted room so we think about you lots as i keep seeing very mirjamy things around us!!. The hostel is manic as usual for a August, but it’s all good. I noticed a particular brown cord coat that i thought was quite fashionable!! will hopefully speak soon , Hi from regan too. This sites great by the way! take care and we are thinking about you lots. Alison x x

  6. Hi Mirjam,
    hoe kan jij je nu een dag vergissen kwawm dat door al de familie dat je dacht wegwezen grapje,ja bussen is ook geen optie maar nog even en dan heb je je ritme weer gevonden en gaat alles weer zoals het gaan moet. Ik vond het geweldig je te zien en ga weer verder met he lezen van je belevenissen en kan je dan weer mailen dat het er geweldig uit ziet. Verder heel veel plezier en het beste, we horen je. Riet Souër.

  7. lieve mirjam wij zijn blij te horen dat alles goed is gegaan,en nu maar weer heerlijk fietsen.ik heb zondag met tante
    ineke gebeld in australie ze stond er wel van te kijken wat er allemaal gebeurd
    was ,en zij wenste je ook een verdere
    goede reis,en dat doen wij dus ook.wij
    kunnen terugzien op een paar heerlijke dagen dat je hier was,wij blijven via je
    ouders goed op de hoogte.het ga je goed
    wij denken aan je,heel veel liefs van ons
    allebei en een dikke knuffel van oma xxxx

  8. he zus,
    Wat fijn dat je even lekker hier was! Gelukkig ben je zonder problemen Iran weer ingekomen, en kan je nu je reis verder vervolgen. Heel veel succes in Turkmenistan, en alle andere stannen. Geniet ervan!
    Je krijgt nog de groeten van Tikki, die vond het ook leuk dat je even bent geweest. Haha.
    Dikke kus van Juud

  9. Mirjam, Good to hear that all has gone well for you on your return. It must have been great to spend some time with your family again. It gives you new strength to go on. All the best for your journey ahead. Looking forward to reading and watching yoyr adventure unfold. By the way we sold our house. So we have a spare room for you in our new house for you when you come to stay. Love Regina

  10. Zet hem op!
    Je hebt mooie foto’s gemaakt en er volgen er gelukkig meer.
    Veel fietsplezier en doe voorzichtig.

  11. Ik vind het zoooo moedig van je om toch weer op die fiets te stappen. Heel bewonderenswaardig zoals jij kilometers aan het vreten bent. Zelf ook een vakantiefietser maar dan voor 3 weken.

    Heel veel succes en blijf vooral genieten

  12. Hee Miriam,

    Ik las van je rot ervaring in Iran toen ik zelf aan het fietsen was in Bulgarije.Helaas maar waar, ik ken meerdere fietsers met dit soort ervaringen daar. Maar goed…Fijn dat je weer in het zadel zit….veel plezier en good luck!.

    Ikzelf moet het na mijn maand fietsen in Bulgarije tot de kerst weer doen met kampeer- en fiets weekendjes. Geniet dus maar dubbel voor mij erbij ;>


  13. Had a wee wet, knackered Czech girl leaning on her handlebars at our door late the other evening when we were full, she got to pitch her tent in the backyard, and the night before two lovely Dutch fellas on bikes did the same. So you see we are looking after the cyclists in Ireland and sending the good karma over there to you in the ‘Stans. Looking forward to the next chapter…

  14. Hey Bikkel!
    Jammer dat we je gemist hebben in NL, maar we hebben je wel gezien via de foto’s die er de 5e gemaakt zijn! Je zag er gelukkig goed uit; goed om te zien. Heel veel plezier en succes weer, toi toi! Liefs en een dikke knuffel, Marcel, Martine, Tommy & Maxim

  15. mmm… if you remember we met eachother on road after Tabriz. I visit your web and find it cool. I try to learn from your and others expriences and enjoy from this cycle journies as much as you.If possible next time maybe mail and ask some questions about preperation to this kind of journy and send pics to you also. Wish have a good trip to Australia.

  16. Hoi Mirjam,

    Net terug van vakantie lees ik je twee laatste berichten. Vreselijk de eerste en dapper de tweede. Ik heb grote bewondering voor je. Ik hoop dat je het genieten snel weer op kunt pakken.
    Sterkte en “take care”.

    Groetjes, Karin

  17. After reading your last story, tears just started flowing down.. but i’m glad that horrible horrible episod didn’t stop you from doing what you started out to do. My heart and love go out to you Mirjam! I wish you all the best and take care!

    [We met in Istanbul and shop for you snorkeling kit together.]

  18. Hi meis,

    Goed om te lezen dat je weer on the road bent. Ga je nog langs Turkman al Bassie (oid). Ik ben benieuwd! Veel succes en plezier. Liefs Fieke

  19. We have been reading about you and following your journey and had a long talk with your Oma on the phone. We would like to meet you as we think you are a very brave girl. We are praying for you that you have a safe journey. Would you like to come and visit us on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland on your way to Tasmania.

    Love Tante Ineke and Oom Dick

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