Mount Ngauruhoe

A bit Upsy Downsy

If you ever happen to ride a bicycle through the forgotten world highway make sure you stay on top of the tahora saddle. Where Annie and Rob run a wonderful little campsite, and you wake up with this view in the morning. described by a local as ‘a bit upsy downsy’ the road is build through…


Life aboard a Cargo Ship

Since I had no choice but to leave Australia I figured I might as well do it in a memorable way. I have also discovered I have a severe dislike of flying. Or anything to do with an airport. (especially the official bits) There seemes to be many pro’s of travelling by ship.

Relaxing times


I boomeranged around Australia for the last couple of months. For a cycling blog I’ve done  a shocking amount of cycling. None. That explains why it’s been a little quiet… Among the few things I have done are diving on the Great Barrier reef, Cray fishing in Dongara,

Cape York

No Particular Reason

And when I got there, I figured, since I’ve gone this far, I might as well turn right around, just keep on going… -Forest Gump-  I only made it 200km down from the Tip of Cape York when Rick passed me and asked if I needed a lift. I didn’t need one. But I didn’t mind…