Familiar Faces in New Places

How lucky was I to run into Tony & Margaret last year (twice!) on some South Island backtracks, not only did they give me some useful pointers down that way, we also parted with the words; “If you ever get to Auckland….” So here I find myself, in Tony’s spare room while getting ready for…


Life aboard a Cargo Ship

Since I had no choice but to leave Australia I figured I might as well do it in a memorable way. I have also discovered I have a severe dislike of flying. Or anything to do with an airport. (especially the official bits) There seemes to be many pro’s of travelling by ship.

Silver Fern

About Dolphins & Riding the Rainbow

Before I ever decided to ride my bicycle far, far away I spent a lot of time in Northern Ireland. Working for Steve & Kylie at the Hostel. Here’s a picture of the girls back in 2006, working hard… Doris, me, Catriona and Kylie. Kylie happens to be from New Zealand. Her parents are still here.…


westcoast wanderings

I noticed two guys making coffee on my way out of the Mavora lakes. An excellent reason to have a break. I’d done 2km already after all. Mark & Richie, two Canadians, were on their way to Queenstown as well. So we teamed up. I was surprised to see a small traffic jam on the track…


To be, or not to be

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, they did. I rode my bicyle out of Milford sound and with low clouds and people hanging out of their bus windows to take pictures of me I managed to get back to the start of the Homer tunnel. The tunnel I looked up against…